Ways to Come Up with Ideas to Make Money

We all might know that money does not equate to happiness, but not everyone believes it. Sure, money cannot buy happiness, but it can, undoubtedly, buy things that make people happy. Some extra cash, along with the set monthly budget, does not do any harm. Instead, it is good to have some earning at hand so that there is wiggle room in the budget.

Some of you might be looking for ways to pay off debt, go traveling, revamp your furniture, get a new pet, or upgrade your wardrobe. Whatever is your motive and aim, if you are looking for ways to earn money and probably make millions over some time, you have landed at the right spot.Here we have listed a few ways which help you have some extra cash left by the end of the month. So, let us dive in.

10 Ideas to Make Money

1. Taking Paid Online Surveys

a survey form

Surveys conducted by big hotshot companies pay a lot of bucks in return for taking their surveys. If you have never heard about it, it is never too late to jump on the online survey participation bandwagon. In this era, marketing is all about customer feedback. So, these big research organizations are responsible for conducting various analyses wherein they ask for your opinions related to any topic or product they are interested in.

Survey Junkie and Vindale Research are two of the main examples of such companies. They sign you up for their upcoming or ongoing surveys, and there you go. There is, usually, no geographical limits for the survey takers as these surveys are conducted worldwide. There are thousands of such surveys going on simultaneously by various companies, and they never run out of topics.

The companies then pay you for filling out the surveys and sharing your opinions and reviews. So, the next time you watch a popular show, you better review it for the concerned companies and get paid in return. The same goes for using different products, services, eating out, etc.

2. Host a Paid Feast

a table with various foods

Yes, you read it right! You all know how well Airbnb has been working all over the world. It is one of the most revenue-generating ideas in the tourism industry. Just like you rent out a portion or room of your house for some tourists, now you can invite people for dinner and get paid. Exciting, isn’t it? For people who love cooking, this is one of the best ways to earn some extra money.

Eat With is a cool and exciting service that lets you host travelers in your town for some money. You can invite a maximum of about six people or less for dinner at your home and set a per person rate. So, get your pots and pans ready with mouthwatering dishes coming straight from the stove to the table as you are going to get paid.

This service is very easy too. You have to sign up and become a host by filling in your application form. The sign-up process requires you to list down your cooking expertise and your current residence. The service is amazing and pays good money for a feast of not more than six people.

3. Start Blogging

a person writing an article

This idea to make millions (gradually) is for the people who have a flair for writing. Of the innumerable small business or entrepreneurial ideas, blogging is the one that requires a minimum initial investment. You can start by focusing on your area of expertise or interest – usually, a topic that has affected you somehow, and you can write holistically sound and impactful articles on it.

The starting cost of a blog is not so high. You can start it by signing up on a hosting platform, such as WordPressor HostGator, for under $3 per month. Here are some of the ideas to kick start that creative writer in you.

  • You can start reviewing products and earning partnerships with big brands.
  • You can earn by teaming up with other bloggers and supporting each other’s content.
  • You can even set up a tutorial blog about, say, makeup, video making, DIYs, etc.
  • If you are an avid traveler, you can start writing travelogues that entail your experiences and exciting features about the places you visited.
  • You can also start a food blog and review various restaurants and outlets.

4. Dig For Some Old Stuff And Sell it

a closet

We all have one of our old phones sitting around in the drawer that is seldom opened. Or some of us might have souvenirs or other collectibles hiding somewhere we dare not go. If you are interested in earning money, then visit those forgotten places in your homes. Old textbooks, comics, paintings, phones, or some other electronics are the items that can be sold for money.

BookScouter is one of the popular online platforms for selling used books. They give you the best rate for your books and also provide a comparison of prices from different vendors. If you have found old used electronics stashed somewhere, Decluttr is the best place to go and sell those items. They purchase anything from old phones to CDs, video games, consoles, etc.

5. Lose Weight Not Cash

a woman measuring her waist

Another most straightforward yet unbelievable idea for earning money is to get paid for losing weight. HealthyWage is one of the platforms that help you make money for losing weight. Have you been procrastinating your diet and weight-loss regimes for long? Now is the time to gear up and sign up with such services.

These services motivate people to eat healthily and exercise for the sake of money. The process is also very simple as they sign you up for at least six months and during which you are expected to lose the amount of weight you decide in the beginning. It is similar to betting against yourself for cutting out those extra pounds.

6. Compile an Online Course

a person taking an online course

Irrespective of the fact that you have stood in front of a group of students eager to learn from you or not, you can earn money by creating a course of something you are enthusiastic about. This course might not necessarily be a language or math, or geography course. Rather, it can be anything you are good at and have ample knowledge about.

You can start compiling a course in gardening if you are good at it. You can also start a knitting course, home organization course, or mental health and coping mechanism course. If you think you are good at negotiations, you can even start making tutorials and instructions on successful negotiations. SkillShare is one of the popular and easiest websites where you can post your course and earn money.

7. Part-time Mover

a move holding a box

This is one of the easiest ways that can earn you loads of money in a short time. We all know that many people need help when moving, and these people are willing to pay a handsome amount of cash for anyone who does this job for them.

Several moving companies accept interested applicants who they hire and call for jobs as they come. The next time you are asked to move around things at home, consider how much you can earn by doing the same for people who would love to have you around lifting and moving heavy stuff.

8. Typing Skills Can Get You Paid

a woman typing on the laptop

In this era wherein technology is at its peak, there are seldom youngsters who cannot type fast. From replying to SMS and commenting on social media to creating a post with big captions, most of us have impressive typing skills. If you are one of these people, keep polishing those typing skills as many companies are looking for people who can transcribe their audios.

While using your typing skills and speeds, you can set your working hours and take projects that you can do and understand. Such companies pay you weekly, and the rate per word is also impressive.

9. Cleanse Your Wardrobe

a wardrobe

We all are often guilty of spending more money than we decided on a hip skirt or a scarf that we no longer need or like. Several dresses sit in our wardrobe without being used as we liked a new one or have worn it about a dozen times. If you can relate to any of these, then know that these dresses and accessories can earn you money.

Go through your wardrobe and get anything you do not want to keep and put it out for. Many online platforms entertain such items and give you a good amount in return. ThredUp is an example that is quite popular and has helped hundreds of people earn money by selling items from their wardrobe.

10. Become a Tester For New Websites

a website displayed on an Apple monitor

Several companies from various industries are always on the hunt for people who could test and review their new websites. These companies contact you once you have registered with them for testing their websites. You have to spend some time on the website and answer their questionnaire related to the various aspects of the website, such as usability, speed, easy navigation, etc.

Usertesting is one of the famous websites for earning extra money by testing different websites.

Making Money Can be Easy

A little extra money from side earning along with your budget is always good. It relieves you of tension and gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can rely on it for over-spending sometimes. The ideas listed in the article are great ways of earning large amounts of money. You can choose the one that suits you the most and start earning from the comfort of your home.