Ways Marketers Can Use AI

In this revolutionized era, it is time for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to embrace almost every industry. Recent researches confirm that nowadays, AI technology can enhance work productivity by around forty percent.

During the rapid spread of new technologies, marketers were encouraged to design a highly developed and efficient environment. AI has established itself as a potent tool.

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Here, we have got you covered through everything you must know about AI. We will help you learn the effective ways that enable every individual involved in AI and look forward to performing their job in the best possible way.

Gear up (in the voice of Siri), and let’s dive in.

Sales Prediction

Each business should meet customer expectations and earn more sales by knowing upcoming steps and doing well. In marketing, AI provides advertisers the convenience to comprehend consumers in their acts depending on data assembled from references and prior acquisitions.

With this system, you can foresee what will be sold out in the upcoming days. It assists you in analyzing which product you can promote to drive elevated sales. This method of creating business intelligence allows you to avoid ignoring or marketing limited products by checking your inventory list.

Qurious is an example of software that uses AI to help the representatives. The software allows your marketing or marketers to understand all potential conversations immediately before paying the sheer amount of costs.

Get AI-Enabled Customer Information

Data collection is another main reason to use AI in marketing. Information collected by AI for businesses is essential for marketers to understand consumers as best they can and make customer-focused decisions. AI allows foreign market information by analyzing large amounts of online content on social media, blogs, or other forums.

Advertisers can successfully create customer persona based on the millions of data collected in AI algorithms. There are on-site interactions, site specials, shopping behaviors, previous interactions, contacts, and a lot more.

Create and Shape a Customer’s Personal Experience

Brands can use AI to enhance customer experience by offering unique content, discounts, and high-level support for each customer.

Think of the last time you visited an online store. You see a page with products you might enjoy and include the exact selection of what you will buy. AI is used to analyze products you have purchased in the past and to recommend products that fit your needs. This is an example of how AI improves customer awareness by making it your own.

Create and Shape a Customer's Personal Experience

Content Generation

Powerful AI tools can help content creators’ tasks more efficiently and quickly.

Although the core content is directed from human creation, you can use AI tools to enhance the effectiveness of your content team by performing specific tasks such as email content, personal messages/messages, or social media content editing.

Other tools like Rocco can help you create new social media content that increases your fan engagement.

Enhanced PPC AI Advertising

AI is widely used in PPC advertising. According to GoodFirms, the study revealed exciting findings of the use of Artificial Intelligence in PPC (pay-per-click advertising) from PPC gurus.

In particular, some of the top AI applications in PPC are:

  • Wise bidding
  • Short-term directing
  • Responsive ads
  • Performance analysis
  • Powerful search ads
  • Price improvement
  • Account management

Using AI, you can monitor many advertising forums that in-house teams can gain and possibly your competitors.


You may have chatted at least once with a bot in an online store, in their live chat on a website, or social media, especially Facebook Messenger. This is how AI is used to build better customer service.

Aside from answering repeated questions from customers – those questions related to value, size, or value, AI is used to the best of your ability to create unique and design content that can be said to work better than people.

Also, it would be better to combine AI chatbots with personal content marketing to transform them into active advertisers, not just for direct customer acquisition.

Speech Recognition

Want to hear what it’s like to have Jarvis from Marvel’s movie “Iron Man”? Jarvis maybe years ahead of technology today, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

By now, we already have the same AI with speech recognition capabilities. Have we ever heard of Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa? These are some of the most popular chatbots that use speech recognition.

These AIs can detect spoken words and convert them into the text to execute a command. Speech recognition is also used in Google Maps, Shazam, and other handsfree programs.

Influential Prices

This AI is often referred to as a personal price. It is a pricing strategy where demand and supply determine the product price. A good example is a rising cost of sharing ride apps as demand increases or when you do not get a discount to buy a product online.

Customers can benefit from changing prices when product demand is low. An excellent example of this is where hotel rooms can be sold. To help reduce space opportunities, variable expenses can provide competitive prices to attract customers.

Default Email Content Editing

Content planning is about finding good content and successfully presenting it to your audience. , share content created by others with your fans.

However, it is not just about sharing content; this process is done by adding additional values ​​to your content that may include your audience.

With Artificial Intelligence, you can edit content and put it into action immediately. Automation will save you time planning and sending emails to customers. After segmenting your audience with their emails, AI helps you personalize your newspaper content sent to your viewers. Your newsletters should be more relevant to what you are saying to your audience’s links.

Automatic Image Recognition

Major brands like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Amazon use AI to identify people and things in photos and videos with a 99.75% accuracy.

If you are a Facebook user, you may notice how accurate the system is to see your friends’ faces in the photos you post and tag them automatically.

Image recognition can better align online content with store visits from a marketing standpoint. Many stores track customer visits with face recognition software and link to their profile to better their online shopping experience. 

Automatic Image Recognition

Ensure Data Quality and Privacy

AI can improve organizational data quality and privacy when used thoroughly and efficiently. Generally, merchants will need a large amount of data to use. Therefore, it is essential to have the right quality AI data to do its job to develop Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Consider using a modern data repository and an all-in-one data management software to avoid data quality problems caused by sophisticated data management. AI gives you better data acquisition and prevents this rich source of information from being attacked by cyber attacks.

Examples of AI in Marketing

  1. Nike – Personalized online experiences
  2. Amazon – Personalized shopping recommendations
  3. Alibaba – FashionAI store
  4. BMW – Intelligent Personal Assistant
  5. Starbucks – Reward Program/Mobile App


Artificial Intelligence has made the jumping bounds from the past and already has a marketing future. It is up to you to apply this technology to your business. But one thing is for sure that AI is the future. If you plan to run a successful online business in the years to come, using robust AI marketing tools and techniques is a must. Use the tips mentioned above to get a head start over other marketers.