Unusual Couches for Quirky People

Couch is a large piece of furniture for sitting or lying down, an example of couch is a sofa. 

Sofa is from arabic word “suffah” which means a long bench, this cushiony piece of furniture usually serves for sitting and laying down, but it could also be a modern art masterpiece

Most of the houses have plain and usual sofas, since an interesting sofa can enhance any room, one can choose from the designs available to date. 

Someone looking to infuse some abstract interior decor into their home will absolutely adore eccentric couches, which creatively combines comfort with artistically abstract designs

Bizyell.com have visited pages that discussed and presented unusual couches for quirky people

These unusual couches however, offer individuals the chance to incorporate boldly humorous designs that are sure to make a statement in any home.

This would be perfect for those looking to add playful touches into their spaces, these unusual couches will surely make lounging around much more entertaining.

From loungers comically shaped like oversized felines to those that spell out humorous phrases, these unusual seating options are sure to add a vibrantly eye-catching appeal to any room.

Great for those who are far from ordinary, these unusual couch designs will definitely showcase the taste of quirky people. 

First is DecorHome Ideas, they presented 12 Creative And Unforgettable Sofa Designs You Will Love they say that while design is important, the most crucial part of a couch is its comfort level.

Any couch can look great, but it must be comfortable to be useful and worth getting. To find the perfect sofa, you should first imagine how it would work in your desired room.

Their first suggestion is the Amazing Rolling Wave Couch-this baby blue wavy couch is perfect for offices, parties, and solo relaxation. The configuration maximizes space with its curved design.

Second is the Plush Pink Power Couch- perfect for young girls and creative types! The couch is made up of different shapes and textures for an artsy look.

Third is the Groovy Cupped Hands Sofa- inspired by the dreams of Dali, this great couch lets you relax in the palm of someone’s hand! The two hands come together to provide a comfortable headrest across the couch.

Fourth is the Cozy Circular Couch- hits all the right spots! It’s spacious enough for two yet cozy enough for one. Guests will enjoy talking and drinking while nestled in the pillows.

Fifth is Pastel Bow Tie Luxury- has youthful buttons and a plush design. 

Sixth is Boho Sofa- perfect for artists and homeowners with great taste! Boho is the latest furniture trend that originates from the Bohemian lifestyle.

Seventh is the white cloud sofa-this puffy white sofa is modern yet inviting! The design is fluffy and looks like a soft cloud in the sky.

Eighth is the Yellow Bubble Sofa- looks too good to be true! Whether it reminds you of bubblegum, clouds, or soft cotton, it’s impossible not to love its youthful design.

Ninth is the Vintage Imperial Sofa- fit for a Queen.

Tenth is the Bird Nest Sofa- one of the most creative designs around! The outside is made of scattered wooden boards to look just like a bird’s nest. Inside, the soft circular sofa is filled with colorful egg-shaped pillows to complete the effect.

Eleventh is the Drive-In Car Couch- it features red and black cushions for a wonderful contrast. The sides copy the best of the classic Corvette style.

yellow sofa

Twelfth is the Soft Yellow Sofa- both classic and comfortable. This is a couch that works in any room, and Audrey Hepburn would fit right in on this lovely design

Second is the Emily Henderson page presented 62 Non-Basic Picks to Wake Up Your Living Room, this is their way to stop the Boring Sofa Syndrome. 

Third is the Apartment Therapy they presented The World’s Weirdest, Wildest, and Most Wonderful Sofas

  1. The enormous cat couch- created by Belgian design studio Unfold.
  2. The muppet sofa- the love child of a Muppet and Hostess Sno ball couch
  3. Wallfa- strange , stretchy, chair designed by Jordi Canudas
  4. The boa sofa- looks like a pile of intestines, you can lie on it and in it.
  5. Giant bird nest sofa
  6. The Ds-1025 sofa designed by Ubald Klug- it has strange topographical design that can be arranged in different combination. 
  7. The Living Tower,- a delightfully whactacular design by Verner Panton that completely reinvents the sofa

Fourth the Very Best Top Ten presented its Ten of the Craziest and Most Unusual Sofas You Will Ever See.

And here are their choices

  1. Sofa with built-in aquarium
  2. Red UK Phone Box Inspired Sofa
  3. Lego Sofa
  4. SEGA Master System Sofa
  5. 1957 Chevy Bel Air Car Couch – Back End
  6. Sofa that transforms into a set of bunk beds-Transformers: Sofas in Disguise
  7. Computer keyboard inspired sofa
  8. The 2-seater Modular Multi-Purpose sofa that sleeps, 4 people
  9. Sofa made from teddy bears
  10. Waterfall inspired ‘montanara’ couch by Gaetano Pesce

Fifth, deMilked has a quirky list of the 30 Creative and Unusual Sofa Designs. Although their list already includes some of the couches mentioned earlier their list is not the least. 

  1. Harrod’s Stuffed Animal Couch
  2. Wall-Climbing Sofa
  3. Not a Bit Prickly
  4. Sofa box
  5. Sofa Design with Brick Upholstering
  6. . Ball Pillow Conglomerate
  7. Crumpled Rumpled Paper Sofa
  8. Aston Martin Seat Sofa
  9. Alien Inspiration
  10. 10.Styrofoam Sofa
  11. Brush
  12. Cow Sofa 
  13. Cross Sofa
  14. Feel the Deluxe
  15. Inflatable Sofa
  16. Lego Sofa
  17. Luminating Sofa
  18. Monster
  19. Montanara
  20. Puma
  21. Roma
  22. Phat Knitt
  23. East Meet West
  24. Tiger
  25. Pool Sofa
  26. 26.Cactus Sofa 
  27. The Egg Sofa
  28. “Napoleon versus Napoleon 1999” – the Double Decker Sofa

the bocca sofa

  1. Bocca
  2. Lupita, Peeled or Loop Sofa

Sixth, Trendhunter presented their own 100 Eccentric Couches,from oversized feline couches to alphabetical home furnishings. They said that any homeowner looking to infuse some abstract interior decor into their home will absolutely adore these eccentric couches, which creatively combines comfort with artistically abstract designs. 

Seventh, Trendir, presented their 20 Unusual Sofas with creative designs

  1. The rustic style sofa from Bleu Nature, made from driftwood and old planks with a calf seat.
  2. The Mad Cow sofa from Talents Design Gallery
  3. The Botan sectional sofa by Benedetta Tagliabue has its muse in an abstracted peony flower
  4. The Float sofa from Sancal designed by Karim Rashid to serve the double purpose of acting like a screen as well, creating an oasis of privacy.
  5. Float is a slim design whose components can be mixed and matched to your individual taste.
  6. The Autumn time sofa from Gufram -you can sit in on a park bench in the comforts of your home.
  7. The Branch (Marked) sofa from Zanat is also like a walk in the park, but only from behind. The leg that morphs into a tree with embroidery branches is brilliant.
  8. The Inclusion Couch by Marvin Reber – a place of rest and play.
  9. Cay Lounge from Structures by Alexander Reh  is a totally unusual sofa design that uses gravity to conform to the position you feel like relaxing.
  10. The modular Shearer from Life Space Journey.
  11. The Baroque silhouette and leather upholstery of the Louis II Loveseat from SixInch -an elegantly goth moment neutral enough for any interior decor.
  12. Mixed traditional silhouettes (stone designs) by Arredo di Pietra 
  13. Foot by spHaus
  14. KNOKKE by Carlo Colombo, and it’s a CNC shaped multiplayer solid oak wood design, clear finished or tinted with color.
  15. Island modular sofa from darono has a bit of a shabby chic aesthetic with the loose thread edgings and corner ties, but what’s really fun about it is the colorful building block style.
  16. Gate sectional modular fabric sofa is a design from Offecct and was created as a “pit-stop” while on the move and to charge your electrical devices at the same time.
  17. Gladis sofa by Aqua Creations -used hand stitched upholstery to create the individual ridges that collectively make the fingerprint.
  18. The high sided and high armed Opera sectional sofa from Softline is a modular system with “unusually” compact dimensions for the smallest of homes.
  19. The Halo sofa, also from Softline, reduces its geometry to a horizontal plane and a vertical plane with the vertical backrest taking on a very large and attention grabbing profile.
  20. The Pliees fabric sofa by  Julien Vidame has a stainless steel frame that makes it perfect for the salty air found at sea level locales.