Top POS Systems for Your Nonprofit

As a nonprofit organization, you need to make the most of your finances and find ways to offer products and services that fit the needs of your community. One great way to maximize your finances and streamline the process is to choose a new POS system. Explore the best POS for nonprofits today to see how you might save money, improve your analytics and improve transaction safety.

Clover Flex

The Clover Flex is a highly portable option for occasional POS system use or for on-to-go transactions. If a cash register and a checkout line seems too formal for your nonprofit, or doesn’t fit your business model, a Clover Flex is a less obtrusive way to accept credit cards, EMV chip cards and mobile payment options. Whether you’re accepting donations or making a sale, check out the Clover Flex for sale to see if it fits your nonprofit structure.

Clover Mini

A step up in terms of convenience and screen size, the Clover Mini is a tablet-sized POS that doubles as a handheld system and a stationary checkout. Set it up on a stand with a cash drawer for a space-conscious POS system, or pick it up and move around your building to run inventory or manage other areas of your nonprofit. A small screen may make it more difficult to ring up complicated orders or manage an extensive list of inventory, but the Clover Mini is more practical for a small desk or other space-limited setup.

Clover Station

One of the most all-inclusive and dependable setups for any nonprofit or for-profit business is the Clover Station. This system is still reliably compact, but it boasts a receipt printer, cash drawer and large touchscreen for easy access. This makes it easy to train employees and volunteers on your processing system. Create a screen that’s easy to access common items or features. Whether you primarily use it to track inventory and timesheet information, or process sales and donations, the Clover Station is a leading option for most nonprofit models.

Credit Card Machines

If you already have software to manage your business, or only use your credit card processor occasionally, consider a Wi-Fi credit card machine. These handy little devices allow you to run a card and print off a receipt. These are the only features of a credit card machine, but that makes them easy to use, compact and affordable. Choose a machine with a lifetime warranty and use the same machine for years to come. You can still enjoy EMV chip reading technology with the right credit card machine, so compare your options with a reliable merchant services provider.

Make More of Your Nonprofit Resources With a New POS System

Your nonprofit needs to make the most of its resources to continue to provide products and services to your local community. Get more out of your POS system and enjoy affordable credit card processing rates by working with a leading merchant services provider. Learn more about a WiFi credit card reader, Clover Station or other hardware option to meet the needs of your nonprofit.