Tips for Working Mobile in Your Car

Many companies today allow employees to work remotely. A lot of people these days have the freedom to work anywhere even in cars. Working in your car can make you become productive even when you’re just in the carpool line to pick up your children, or you’re waiting for your mom in the parking lot of her dentist. It can turn your wasted travel time into productive workable hours.

Like working in the office or at home, it’s also pretty easy to get work done from your car. It only takes a little time and a few efforts to transform your car into a mobile office. Here are some tips to help you work in your car. 

Manage Your Power

Since laptops and other portable devices are the best things that will help you get your work done in your car, you’ll be needing car-friendly cables and USB power adapters because these devices require power. Also, make sure to charge everything overnight so you won’t have to depend on your car’s battery in charging all of your devices. Check if your car’s battery is in a good condition as well so it can support the charging of your gadgets.


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Be Connected

Some car models come with Wi-Fi capability and all you have to do is pay a fee to have internet connection daily, weekly, or monthly. This is a worth it investment if you’re serious in working in your car. If you are already paying for a smartphone data plan, you can simply enable the tethered internet access so your computer can connect to the internet.

Work from the Backseat

Sitting in the front seat while working can be distracting and uncomfortable. It’s better to park your car in a safe place and work comfortably in the backseat. Also, there is a bigger space in the backseat compared to the front seat where you’ll have to battle with the steering wheel.

Use Your Vehicle’s Features

If your car has a Bluetooth speaker, you can connect your phone or laptop to it. It can be great for taking calls and for charging as well. You can also play some music while your devices are charging. If your car has a voice command system, you can also take advantage of it especially while you’re driving.

Store Office Essentials in Your Trunk

Just like working in the office, you may need to use certain equipment on the road. Make sure to keep them stored in your trunk so you may be able to access them easily when you need them.

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Keep Your Food Supplies Handy

It’s also important to stock up your favorite foods and drinks in your car so you won’t need to stop working just to find food. You can keep your drinks in a cooler and your foods in a lunch bag. You can also keep them altogether in a car travel organizer. If you prefer drinking coffee, you can bring a thermos to keep it hot.

Use Your Mobility

Since you’re using your car as an office, try to work in different places. When you have tasks that don’t need internet connection, try to spend time working in remote areas like mountains. Exploring places can give you a fresh feeling which can help boost your productivity.

Get a Lap Desk

Laptops tend to get hot when being used for a long time. Therefore, using a lap desk can keep both your laptop and your legs cool. It is also more comfortable working if you have a desk to put your things onto.

Take Naps

Working and driving can both be tiring that’s why you should also take naps once in a while. You can bring a pillow with you and play a relaxing music so you can have a short but relaxing nap. If you need privacy while you nap, you can use a windshield sun-shade.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Like how you like your office to be clean and tidy, maintaining your car clean and working well will also help you feel relaxed while working. Make sure to always check if everything’s working well and if your car still has enough fuel. A reliable vehicle is a good place to work in.

Enhance Your Vehicle

Aside from keeping your car in a good shape, why not go the extra mile? If your car only has a plain stereo, try to upgrade it to a Bluetooth-enabled version which you can use to take calls. You can also use a roof-mounted signal booster to enhance your mobile phone’s signal. And get a 120w power inverter so you can charge your laptop.

If you’re a person who loves to go out but has a lot of work to do, maybe working in a car would suit you. Meanwhile, here is the link to our post about the car services you’ll need if you have a delivery business.