Tips for Setting Up a Home Office in a Small Apartment

There is an increasing amount of people who do home-based work, therefore, the need for a home office is becoming in demand as well. A home office is essential not only for people who work from home, because every household probably needs a space for a computer, a space for the kids to do their homework, or a space for hobbies and creative past times. However, for some who live in small apartments, setting up a home office can be challenging.

If you live in a small apartment and you want to have a home office, you don’t have to worry because there are many ways you can do to set up a good home office in a limited space. Here are some tips on setting up a home office in a small apartment.


Find a Good Space in Your Apartment

A workable home office doesn’t always have to be big and full of huge equipment. To start setting up a home office in your apartment, think creatively about the perfect spot where you can squeeze it in. Since you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to your workspace, there are a variety of places you can use instead.

  • Dual Usage Space: If the only equipment you will use in your home office is a laptop, then you can simply create a dual usage space. If you decide to setup your office in your apartment’s living room, using a sofa table can be great because it only takes up a small space. When you’re ready to work, just pull a chair and put your laptop on the table and you’re set. If you want your office in your bedroom, you can simply use the nightstand as your desk for work.
  • Secretive Space: There are some secretive spaces in apartments that you can turn into your home office such as the armoires or hutches. You can take advantage of the vertical spaces of these furniture. You can add some shelves to them, attach a cork board, and place all your office supplies in there.
  • Closet Space: If your apartment is a studio type unit or a one-bedroom unit, you can use the closet space as your home office. Simply place a small desk inside that space and just pull up a chair when you’re going to work. If you have another storage for your clothes, you can install additional shelves in the closet space where you can keep some of your office supplies.
  • Shelf Unit: If you have an unused wall in your apartment, you can turn that into your office as well by simply using a large shelf or wooden panel as your desk. You can attach the panel on your wall using easy to install metal braces.

Utilize the Space Efficiently

Once you find the perfect spot for your home office, try to measure its dimensions for you to be able to utilize the space efficiently. When you know the measurements of the space, you will be able to find a desk and a chair that will fit perfectly to that space.

Find a Good Desk and Chair

The desk is one of the most important furniture that you should have in your home office because it is responsible in holding your things in place and it gives you a surface to work on. For small offices, it’s better to choose a desk with built-in cabinets or a desk where you can fit a storage container underneath. If the office space you chose is in the corner of your apartment, using a corner desk will be great to maximize the space.

For your office chair, select one that is comfortable but is not too large for your space. An armless model that you can slide under your desk when not in use is a great option.

Organize Your Desk Space

Since you’ll be working in a small space, make sure that you organize all the things that you will put in there. Try to use folders when storing files in your filing cabinet. You can also use pen holders and letter holders and other containers to keep your things like pens and papers in place. Having an organized desk will give you more space on it to work.

Room Divider

If your home office is not in a private room, for example you placed your office desk in a shared living room and you want some privacy when you work, you can utilize a privacy screen or a room divider. These won’t take up much space and it will allow you to work separately from your personal space.

Decorate Your Space

Though you have a limited space, that doesn’t mean that you cannot add decorations to your home office. Sometimes, the things you use in your office can serve as beautiful decors as well. For example, you can use color-coordinated file boxes, as well as interesting containers. You can also place a cool lamp on your desk. These things can create a beautiful display on their own.

No matter how small your home or apartment is, there is always a way for you to create and fit in a workable office. We hope these tips will be able to help you set up a home office in your apartment.