Tips on Using Other Websites for Link Building

When you’re working on a website of your own, you want to focus on link building in order to increase traffic. The traffic on your site means the number of clicks or views in general, which is what will get your business up and running. If you’re running a website for selling any products or services, you obviously need more traffic in order to have a decent audience.

Fortunately, there are quite a lot of sites you can use for successful link building. The most effective of these are social media platforms and popular search engines. With the right websites and the right methods, you can propel your own site towards success. Below, we’ll talk about how to use such websites for building links back to your own. There are many more steps than just a Facebook post or tweet on Twitter. Read on for some tips to use for a full advantage:

Utilizing Social Media Sites for Building Links

The most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook may have started out as a way to connect with people with the intention of making friends, but it’s now a powerful marketing tool as well. This is where you can start your link building for future success.

When you post a picture on Facebook, you’ boost the likelihood of getting noticed by a large margin. People are much more likely to stop scrolling to look at an interesting picture than to read a block of text. You may then use this attention by posting your website links along with the picture.

Once you get your company Facebook page set up, you can show that community what your products, services, or other goals are. Once the viewers on Facebook click on your links and get to your site, search engines like Google will recognize the traffic. It would hence be more likely to place you at the top of the search results pages. In a nutshell, the more people see you, the more the search engines will support you.

Another platform for link building is Twitter, where you can post tweets and pictures, with some limits for characters involved. This keeps things short and bite-sized, making it perfect for a fast-paced world. Basically, you’re limited to only 280 characters per tweet or picture caption. You can gain attention for your website here by posting the first 280 characters for your blog, or a particularly interesting excerpt.

The tactic above will hopefully get the relevant people interested in your work. They’ll want to read more, so provide the link right there for them to click on. The link itself would only count as 23 characters, so it won’t take up much room.
Tweeting the links to your articles or other website content would also result in developing connections with your audience. When people want to ask questions or comments in a quick manner, they can simply tweet you about it. You can then work on retweets for the same article or write a whole new post answering the questions. Focus on retweeting the information that would build up your business more rather than just repeating the same things. Once you get the hang of it, these retweets will keep you visible and relevant for search engines and viewers.

Using Video Content

YouTube is usually regarded as a video sharing site, but it’s also a social media platform in its own right. Here, anyone can have their own channel and post the videos they make. They can also share, like, and subscribe to other people’s videos. Since Internet users are more likely to be affected by a video than text or even an image, you should consider making full use of YouTube for your link building as well.

Every video on YouTube has a description, where you can paste the links for relevant content on your website. For instance, a cooking video can have a link to your cooking blog, where you’d have the recipe types out with the ingredients. This way, anyone interested in the full instructions would visit your site to find them out. You may also add keywords to the description in order to help people find that specific video.

Search Engine Sites

When you want your website to be successful, try to improve its rankings on the best search engines. Google immediately comes to mind, but other options like Bing and Yahoo are also in the running. Working with these search engines can get you the recognition required for success.

In order to get those rankings, you need a presence on the Internet. This means regular updates of blog posts, articles, and several other types of content. Optimize the content with keywords and other SEO tactics. When you post anywhere else, make sure the keywords link back to your own website. If possible, the link itself could include the keyword as well.

Some sites would even allow you to write and post informational articles with links inserted to lead back to your site. For instance, you may post regular articles about home décor, and then have a keyword such as ‘brass fixtures’ lead to your site about different lighting fixtures. If you submit high-quality, informational articles, the search engines will reward you with traffic and high rankings. These sites include,,,, and more.

Related Websites

Other than the sites mentioned above, you can also search for places with some content relevant to yours. For example, your business model might be a philanthropic one or concerned with environmental consciousness. This could include making donations or other contributions to non-profits and charitable organizations. When you do this, go to the Donors section of these organizations’ websites and have them post your website link.

You could also consider networking with other websites similar to yours. Reference fellow bloggers, guest post on other sites, and share the industry news with your viewers. This way, you might be able to attract links without even asking for them. Sharing useful content will also attract traffic to your own site. This would be great for link building and search result rankings.


Once you get started on building links, don’t get distracted by the race. Focus on quality content above all, and you’ll probably get the attention you deserve. However, simply posting good content wouldn’t gain you success without link building, so the websites discussed above should be of great help. Set aside some time for link building at least weekly, and you’ll soon see the difference.