How to Sell Digital Files On Etsy to Generate Passive Income

Sell Digital Files On Etsy to Generate Passive Income

When people see Etsy, they visualize a marketplace for handmade crafts and artsy product which is challenging, if not impossible, to be a leading source of passive income. However, you might not be aware that Etsy also allows users to sell digital files. Passive earnings off of digital files sales on Etsy … Read more

Generating Passive Income by Selling Online Courses

Selling Online Courses

Introduction Selling online courses has become a great way of generating a steady passive income stream. Not only can you sell online courses in your niche, you can also serve as an affiliate for other people who are offering their online courses. Online courses here refer to membership-only and multimedia-driven courses for … Read more

How to Best Market an Ebook


Passive income is one of the most sought-after opportunities when it comes to making money online and for a good reason. If you generate enough of it, you could (theoretically speaking) earn a full-time income while doing nothing more than enjoying a movie night in your PJs, hiking the most popular trails … Read more

Start a Profitable Niche Focused Job Board Website

Profitable Niche

People are always searching for jobs. Starting a profitable niche focused job board site is a great way to connect with millions of potential job seekers. This is the era of internet, and more jobseekers now go online to search for potential jobs and extra work – according to one study around … Read more

Earning Passive Income through Affiliate Links on Your Blog

Earning Passive Income through Affiliate Links on Your Blog

Introduction With so many passive income generation ideas floating around, it can become difficult to decide which way to go, especially for beginners. As a rule of thumb, follow your passion and get involved in things that really matter to you. It’s good to explore opportunities that have the potential to generate … Read more

How to Make Passive Income Through E-Books

Passive income is a term used for income that results from the cash flow received on a regular basis, such that it requires little or no effort to be maintained. Now if you are confused as to how you can create a passive income with e-Books then you have landed on the … Read more

Expanding Your eBay Business Internationally

Expanding Your eBay Business Internationally

EBay can be a powerful tool for generating passive income.  Once you have sourced a product niche and established a strong channel the business can be operated with little direct involvement.  Most sellers already doing business on eBay have undoubtedly thought of expanding their business internationally. Factors such as language barriers, tax … Read more

REITs – The Perfect Passive Income

A lot of people today are looking for good properties where they can invest their hard-earned savings. Here we will introduce one of the more popular types of passive income, it has been around since the 60’s and if you are not familiar with it, it is call eda Real Estate Investment … Read more

Introduction to Passive Income

How do you produce money or an asset without working extensively to get it?  This is a question that many business and entrepreneurial-minded individuals have been exploring for years. The lure of getting money or assets with little more to no effort is an attractive one.  Any reasonable business person wants to … Read more