10 Fun Business Ideas That You Can Do at Home

Business Ideas

Whenever we think about starting our own business and setting up a new business venture, our brain gets bombarded with heaps of concerns such as we are going to need business education, an office, may be partners, and above all, money for an investment. There can definitely be challenges when starting a … Read more

10 Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Moms

Stay At Home Moms

The perks of working from home are apparent to everyone, but as a mother, they’re especially intriguing. If you need to complete a project, being able to do so from the comfort of your home makes it possible for you to spend time with your children. In general, only a few companies … Read more

Great Ideas that Were Actually Stolen by Big Businesses

Great Ideas that Were Actually Stolen by Big Businesses

In starting a business, being unique is overrated. Some have made millions or billions of dollars through adopting an idea that’s not even theirs. Backed with lawyers and big funding, big businesses were able to take advantage of ordinary people who made profitable ideas. 1. Laser A graduate student from the Columbia … Read more

Famous Companies That Originally Sold Something Different

Famous Companies That Originally Sold Something Different

Some companies decide on their niche as early as startup. Many started by offering a single product only and then expanding as their business grows. And because profitability is the number one goal, many businesses tend to shift their focus as they eventually discover what they sell or offer best. These are … Read more

Stupid Ideas That Made Millions

stupid ideas that made millions

It is amazing how many stupid ideas over the past 50 or so years have made their inventors a good bit of money. Some of these inventors have earned millions for ideas that seem stupid but people ran out to purchase them. Slinky A piece of metal coiled into a tubular shape … Read more