Styles for Geek Chic Game Tables

Established in 2008, Geek Chic has revolutionized tabletop gaming, providing custom-made, beautifully-crafted, high-quality furniture pieces that started a surge for the product and blew many hobbyists away. Though their adventure has ended nearly a decade after, there’s no doubt about the dedication and passion the company has poured into creating their purpose-built furniture.

Of course, these Geek Chic game room tables came in an incredible variety of styles to cater to everyone’s needs and preferences. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are the best Geek Chic game table styles that you could consider to get the perfect gaming table for you.

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1. Rustic

If you want to bring a relaxed subtlety into your game, you can never go wrong with a rustic-style gaming tabletop. Rustic entails bringing in the outdoors and emphasizing ruggedness, natural beauty, texture, and shine. It celebrates raw elements, which means the furniture parts don’t have to be smooth or its line should be perfect. They can appear as distressed or weathered, show knots, and bear natural colors, making the table’s innate character just stand out. With all the simplistic natural elements, expect that playing games on a rustic gaming table will just be warm and welcoming.

2. Farmhouse

While it’s pretty similar to the rustic style that promotes a natural feel, what separates farmhouse-style is that it’s less rough and rather feels fresher than the former. Though it also embraces imperfections and invokes warmth, the farmhouse style has a more complex design and tends to be lighter-looking. It aims for comfort and practicality using readily-available materials and colors without sacrificing aesthetics and function. Thus, making these gaming tables very versatile, approachable, and cozy, ideal for playing any of your favorite miniature or board games.

3. Contemporary

Often confused with the modern style that covers styles from the 1860s and 1960s or the recent past, contemporary style revolves around designs from the present and future. It is characterized by smooth surfaces, clean lines, better fluidity, and a strike of balance. Moreover, contemporary is an ever-evolving design that changes through time as the “present-day” also changes. For instance, today, it borrows from modernism, Art Deco, and minimalism as current fads, making it an excellent fit for many homes. So, if you wish your gaming to feel like it belongs here and to the future, opt more for the contemporary style and match it with the latest game trends for a complete experience.

4. Transitional

The transitional style is seemingly a fruitful marriage of traditional and modern styles. Taking the best elements from each and ideally incorporating them into one basically achieves this look. Generally, it blends the craftsmanship and coziness of traditional style, then balances it with the sleekness, clean-lined furnishings, fresh color palette, and sophistication of the modern styles. With that, transitional gaming tables possess a warm, relaxing, harmonious, and timeless appearance. Add it to your room and be surprised how two opposing styles can create a cohesive and beautiful mesh that will make gaming more enjoyable.

5. Coastal

Another game table you can love is the coastal style. It brings the soothing ambiance of the sea, sand, and sun to the table’s design so you can relish that beach feeling sans the grainy mess and the sunburn. From the gentle arcs in the edges to the natural or light wood finishes and various textures from plants and trees fringing the beach, all that reflects the coastal vibe and provides the breeziness you need when gaming with your friends and family.


6. Outdoor-style

Gaming doesn’t need to stay indoors. Whether you want puzzles, checkers, Monopoly, Scrabble, or Reversi, it’s always more fun playing them with big groups in your patio, deck, backyard garden, lawn, or balcony while surrounded by the greenery and cool, open air.

With that, it just makes sense to get a water-resistant and weather-resistant game table that’s perfect for the outdoors. You can even decide on the number of playing stations and storage features to ensure that it can accommodate everyone and give all the chance to play under the stars or the warm sun.

7. Coffee Table Style

Do you and your friends love spending hours playing like Risk, Twilight Imperium, Axis & Allies, or The Campaign for North Africa? Add a coffee table purpose-built for gaming to your living room! It comes with a deep gaming vault where you can play games but can be covered by sliding the surface should you need to take a break from the intense game. Other features include cup holders, dice trays, and paper holders, which you can just “store” the game and just go back to later.

8. Multi-purpose game table

Is space your problem instead? Or can’t decide on a game? Getting a multi-purpose game table is your best bet. Its top can be interchanged into a pool ball, table tennis, soccer,  and hockey! That way, you can play various games and switch them as you please. What’s great is that you can also turn the surface into a dining table, perfect if you don’t have an extra area for a game table. Also called combo tables, it’s a versatile table that will provide endless fun for your family!

9. Toddler game table

Never let your kids miss out on the fun! Have them a toddler game table that can also function as their fun activity center. They’ll undoubtedly have fun playing Lego, Snakes & Ladders, Sequence for Kids, and other exciting toddler games. Just be sure to take their age, the table height, table size, and the games they’ll be playing. It can also double up as an excellent storage space or study area. Just make sure to add drawers or other compartments for all their toys and school supplies.

10. High-end game table

Take everything to the next level with a high-end game table. It’s one that has an area for holding rule books, game accessories, dice, and your favorite beverages. Of course, it should also be of the perfect height and ideal size and accommodate most players. Yet, what sets it apart is that it isn’t restricted to playing board or miniature games. Have a built-in flat-screen TV at its center to give you the chance to play RPGs and MOBA or display maps and graphics to make traditional games more exhilarating.


That’s the rundown of the various styles for Geek Chic game tables. Each one boasts a different character, but all are beautifully designed, well-engineered, and can be custom-built based on your personal taste so you can enjoy all your favorite games on your tabletop.