Strangest Fiverr Gigs

Today, connections and communication are at the highest point of anytime in history. At any moment, we can access the internet and get in touch with people all around the world at no extra cost. Among other things, this means that the potential of business has gone up to an infinite level. People are now earning from home, when on the go, and working several jobs at the same time. Of course, this also means that one can find several new kinds of services which weren’t easily accessible before.

Strangest Fiverr gigs

One of the most popular ways to earn online is Fiverr. This is an online platform where people can either present their services and products or find just the right purchase for about five dollars. While this is a useful tool, it also means that Fiverr users are free to post the strangest things. We’ll cover just a few of the weirdest ones below:


“Arjunrocks” is the username of one Fiverr account, who lists several services related to his voice. Starting from the required price of $5, he also includes the strange gig of screaming loudly for 20 seconds straight. What’s perhaps even more surprising than the gig is that it has over 50 positive reviews. This means that at least 50 people have secured his screaming services and are actually satisfied!

It’s hard to imagine what one could want with 20 seconds of screaming, but a few uses do come to mind. Screaming might be handy for a haunted house, a movie, or just to scare someone.  The same user also offers services such as producing a devil laugh while wearing horns, screaming in high definition viewing, screaming while smoking, or just giving a happy birthday message by the Taj Mahal.

Picture With Edward

This Fiverr gig might be quite popular with fans of the Twilight saga, especially those that like Robert Pattinson’s character, Edward the vampire. The series was quite a hit, so many fans would love to have a picture of themselves with one of the stars. This Fiverr gig allows them to fulfill this fantasy through Photoshop.

While many Fiverr users offer Photoshop services, the specificity of this gig is what makes it strange. It’s offered by the username “sbogdan” and assures potential customers of quick service.


Problems in relationships are on the rise these days, as cheating, jealousy, and mistrust have become quite common. Some women or men might even hire private detectives who would trail their significant others and report back on their faithfulness (or the lack of it). Now, one can simply go on Fiverr and hire “Natalia”, someone who would flirt with their boyfriend or spouse to see if they would reciprocate or not.

This Fiverr gig might seem useful to some, but it’s quite invasive of someone’s private space. It can also fall outside certain ethical limits, so one should be cautious when considering such a purchase.


This Fiverr gig probably targets people who want to prank their friends or send a message without giving any hint about who the sender is. The Fiverr merchant her asks for $5 to send a message from their actual Facebook account or email address to anyone the customers requires. They would also say what the customer wants. From there on, one can watch the reaction or just be satisfied at having said what they wanted to say.

Alphabet Spaghetti

This seems to be the weirdest Fiverr gig on this list by far. It’s also unclear why anyone would pay $5 for it, but it does have over 500 reviews. All it consists of is the Fiverr merchant “Madmoo” offering to put alphabet spaghetti on bread or a plate in whatever way the customer requires. It has to be a short message, though. Perhaps this unique and quirky way of presenting a message has some use when clients wish to place ads. Other than that, one can read the reviews to gauge what people have in mind when they use this service.

Dancing in a Hot Dog Costume

Everyone likes watching funny videos on the internet, so perhaps the Fiverr merchant “haleylujah” had this n mind when she posted this gig. Basically, it means that she would dance to any song of the customer’s request while wearing a full dog costume.

The funny video result of this might make a nice gift for someone.  This is perhaps why the gig has more than 250 positive reviews from buyers, with the number increasing as we speak.

Shouting and Bananas

This gig combined the screaming and the hot dog offerings and came up with shouting in a banana costume. The Fiverr merchant here is a female who will shout whatever her clients want while wearing a banana costume. Again, this could make for a funny and memorable video, though it’s still quite a strange offer. If someone wishes, they can also make a fun video for their child by using this service.

Breaking Up

Breaking up with one’s significant other can be the hardest thing anyone’s ever done. One Fiverr merchant had the bright idea of offering to do it for other people, so they won’t have to face the consequences (at least, not right away).

While it might be cowardly to pay someone for this task, it’s still a service that probably has a lot of demand. Some people might find breaking up just too hard to handle while others could be genuinely afraid of the reaction. All things considered, this isn’t a bad deal. However, what happens after the indirect breakup is going to be on the client’s head.


The services listed above are quite strange, but they must have a market somewhere or the other. The beauty of online business is that one can find or sell almost anything, whether it’s a product or a service. the dangers and risks of hiring anyone you find online, however, is another matter.