Storage and Safety Equipment for Australia’s Mining Industry

The mining sector is a significant contributing industry for the Australian economy. With the boom in the industry, the mining industry has become a very profitable business.

Australia’s resources and energy export earnings continue to increase. The Australian minerals sector is now included in the top 5 producers across the globe. With a robust global outlook, the mining industry continues to have a growth stance. As such, there had also been an increase in the mining companies across the country.

Despite the growth, the industry is not without any challenges. One of the major industry challenges is the workers’ safety. Mining companies should ensure that proper protocols and safety standards are in place. Currently, there are also more advanced equipment and tools to help ensure safety.

Storing Dangerous Goods

Any mining operation will involve many dangerous substances. These include chemicals and corrosive liquids.

If these materials are not stored in its proper place, it can lead to serious hazards. It can lead to big financial implications. If accidents happen, these will affect timing and deadlines. What is more, the credibility of the mining company will be put at risk. Hence, it is important to have effective storage solutions for such chemicals.

If you are in the mining industry, make sure you get a credible partner for your storage needs. Remember, you are dealing with flammables, hazardous chemicals, and gas cylinders.

Chrome steel storage solutions are best for dangerous goods. These types of storage suit the demanding and hard conditions within the oil and gas sector. These are for offshore platforms, salt mines, shipping, ports, and marinas. These have corrosive environments. Thus, there is a need to install the right cabinets and storage containers. The goal is to provide a safe and compliant storage for many classes of dangerous goods.

Containment of Goods and Effective Sill Response

Mining operations must ensure the right storage, containment, and decanting of substances. A comprehensive range of spill containment and drum decanting aims for environment protection.

Examples of these are portable bunding, bunded pallets, and spill containment caddy. Other examples are IBC bunding and low profile bunds. Usage includes handling and decanting requirements.

For the mining and heavy industry, fuel and oil spill kits are essential. Get spill response kits that offer chemical and harmful substance clean-up. Fuel and oil spill kits offer an answer for mobile plant and equipment.

Equipment for Emergency

Employees in the mining industry handle hazardous materials. Thus, it is a must to have emergency decontamination equipment.

These products include safety showers and eyewash equipment. These are designed to wash away harmful contaminants quickly and effectively.

For these types, there are many products available. This includes a combination drench shower and eyewash. There are also wall-mounted eyewash and floor mounted safety shower units. Choose which of these are best suited for your company’s needs. .

Equipment for Workshop

Workshop equipment is also common in Australia’s mining sector. These support the operations. Workshop equipment includes industrial racking and shelving systems. Other examples are tools and parts storage, workbenches and cabinets. Also needed are high-density drawer storage systems. These types of workshop equipment keep employees safe while protecting the machinery investment.

There are also equipment used for moving equipment and general maintenance. These are hydraulic scissor lift tables and overhead crane systems. Other useful tools are manual handling aids.

For moving heavy trolleys and equipment, use powered pedestrian tugs. These have towing capacities up to 25 tonnes.

Work and access platforms

Custom-built access platforms aim to provide safe access for both maintenance and servicing. Choose those manufactured from top quality aluminum companies. Make sure you buy durables ones specifically-designed for mining environments.

Special application work platforms allow ease of service. It also allows safe access in hard to reach areas on construction and mining equipment.

Self-bunded diesel tanks

Mining industries also need self-bunded fuel tanks. Make sure to get those that are compliant with Australian standards.

These types of tanks have capacities from 950 to 3000 liters. They also have fully-serviced pump compartments.

Tanks are also useful for fuel storage in remote locations. These tanks carry 10,000 to 110,000 liters.

Bend-Tech Steel Racking

Use steel freestanding storage racks best suited for a mining environment. Contact us and we can show you our range of Bend Tech’s steel racking.

Our steel racking and storage racks are designed storage of

  • Long length steel and tooling. Our racks are compliant with Australian safety standards.

  • Below are the product specifications:

  • SWL 4.8 Tonne Capacity or 400kg per shelf

  • 12 shelves (6 either side)

  • Lifting eyes for ease of transport

  • Forklift friendly for loading your product

  • Fully-engineered and certified

Bend Tech’s steel racking and storage racks do not include concrete footings or concrete footing engineering. But if you need this, let us know and we can provide this for you.

We also do bespoke dimensions. We can customize the specifications and size according to your needs. We recommend carefully studying your needs before ordering. This is to ensure maximizing the use of storage and making the right size fit for the items you need to store.

There are so many types and sizes of steel racking. If you are unsure of what you need, contact us. We have a team of qualified and certified engineers to help you. Outline your requirements. The Bend-tech team will be happy to provide advice and recommendations.