So Long Geek Chic

Anyone who is a game enthusiast has surely heard about Geek Chic. Started in 2008 by three fellas in a garage, the company manufactured geek furniture. It offered customized, hand-crafted, heirloom-quality furniture, exclusively designed for geeks and gamers.

With its mission to design and elevate the geek lifestyle, Geek Chic instantly gained popularity. The company was especially known for its tables built just for gaming. These tables included everything one would want to play in style and comfort – from PlayStations to recessed playing area and many other add-on accessories that were customizable according to your specific requirements.


For those who don’t have a separate gaming room, the company offered multi-functional furniture to cater to their needs. By selling long-lasting, artisan quality furniture, the company grew from operating in a garage to 40,000 square feet and increasing the workforce from 3 individuals to 50 employees.

However, unfortunately, Geek Chic’s success didn’t last too long, and it had to shut down the operations in 2017. The company’s owner, Robert Gifford, posted on Facebook and Twitter to announce the ceasing of its operations. Though the tables were sold for hundreds and thousands of dollars considering its exceptional quality, sadly, it didn’t generate sufficient profits for Geek Chic to continue catering to its customers’ demands.

Many customers reported that around June 2017, they stopped receiving any response to their emails and telephone calls. After this, the company released the statement on different social media platforms informing the public that they had “ceased operations.”

Disheartened Customers

Customers faced troubles and were disheartened with the release of the company’s statement to shut down the business because many had paid more than $3,500 in advance to deliver their product – as required by Geek Chic. Thus, many of the orders were nearly finished and still may not be delivered. They were worried if the company will be able to return their money or compensate for the advance payments they had made.

Geek Chic catered to a new breed of game enthusiasts. For almost a decade, they ruled the market of tabletop gaming, especially board gaming. Globally, only a handful of competitors have attempted to manufacture similar products, such as Rathskellers and Carolina Game Tables.

Many customers claimed to have blown away by the piece of furniture that Geek Chic was selling. Though some may have many-a-times scoffed at the idea of buying such expensive tables that are solely built for tabletop gaming, the quality and durability justify the price.

At first glance, you may feel the tables are similar to the one you already have in your dining room or kitchen, but there are some distinct differences. These tables have cup holders and DM screens; on the side, there are dice towers for casting fates and some hidden drawers along the rails for holding dice, miniatures, and more. You will also find a vaulted floor beneath the table to hide your ongoing games while you can have your dinner above the table. Seeing these features, you may also consider getting it made yourself, but not everyone can tackle such a detailed and complex woodworking project.

Keeping in mind the prices of these tables, we may consider it a luxury, but it is a luxury that fulfills a necessity.  The company initially started with the Geek Chic Sultan. Their product line had grown to nine tables with some accessories, storage, and chair. It didn’t seem to slow down; however, their closure came as a shock to the customers.

Tables were designed for the geeks to play and store their games, pop-culture collectibles, and comic books that can be treasured for generations. But, it was devastating for the geeks like us to hear the news of Geek Chic closing down their operations.

In 2013, when Geek Chic appeared at the Shark Tank, it was evident that the company was going through some financial troubles. Gifford mentioned that in 2012, despite generating revenue of $2 million, the company had a loss of $100,000. He was close to making a deal of $300,000 investment, with a 25% equity share in the company, but unfortunately, it didn’t go through. Hence, the company eventually had to close down a few years later.

Saddened Staff

It was not only the customers who were disheartened; many employees were left jobless and saddened with the closure of the company. As the company had grown, they had hired a team of around 40 workers who were laid off. Along with the infuriated customers who had lost their money, the staff also had to seek work now.

However, they didn’t sulk for too long and decided to launch their own company by joining hands together. They decided not to repeat the mistakes and utilized their experience in starting their own company – Bandpass Designs. They had started with one design, the Dresden, just like the Greek Chic Sultan, and have recently added the Eolian to their product line.

They ensure to deliver products promptly to avoid any backlog that could bite them later. The design and quality of the tables are top-notch with all the features you would want. While Geek Chic Sultan was the pioneer of the gaming tables, the products made by the same employees are of similar quality. It is a table that would last a lifetime, and it seems like it belongs to your space.

Buying a Gaming Table

Buying a Gaming Table

Geek Chic may have gone out of business, but there are many options if you are still looking to invest in a gaming table. However, you must consider certain factors before purchasing one. Firstly, decide where you would want to place the table; if you’re living in a mansion, you can certainly dedicate a room for it. With limited space, a small or medium-sized built-in table is ideal for saving space.

For purchasing a gaming table, the number of players and gaming requirements matter too. Someone who is a fan of puzzles should get a table with lower or raised edges to ensure that puzzle pieces don’t fall. If you are looking for a video game table, get the one with drawers and some extra storage space to keep the DVDs. Having one of these tables can allow you to have a dedicated space for playing. Being a geek, your serious gaming needs a space without any distractions. It is an excellent choice for your board-game nights. These handmade tables are long-lasting with great quality.


It was upsetting for its customers to know about the closure of Geek Chic. But being a game enthusiast, you can still get your hands on a customized gaming table from many others, as we have mentioned some of the company names here for your convenience. The prices may seem high, but the quality and durability you will receive are worth it.

You can safely keep your board games with these tables explicitly designed to cater to your gaming needs. Especially in these times, it can be a great source of entertainment. It is ideal for the game nights and to keep the ongoing game beneath the table while the food is served above it.