Smart 8-Outlet Home / Office Surge Protector 930 review

Smart 8-Outlet Home / Office Surge Protector 930

We have found lots of surge protectors that are priced at $50 and below and yet, surprisingly, they have proven to offer sufficient protection to your gadgets against sparks and surges. There are also surge protectors that offer power-saving features as well as flexible designs.

One of the good and reliable power surge protectors we have found is the Smart 8-Outlet Home / Office Surge Protector 930. In our book, this is the best choice. It has advanced flame-resisting materials which are fire-proof/water-proof/high-temperature-resistant, making it safe and reliable. It is also CE- and ROHS-certified.

Below are the product features and specifications:

Zettaguard Mini 2-Outlet Travel Power Strip Surge Protector

  • 8 surge-protected outlets with 6 feet black power cord, perfect for your home or office
  • 4 Universal USB ports auto-adjust charging rate for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5, iPad Air, Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 3, Note 2, S5, S4, S3 and other Smartphones, Tablets & digital cameras
  • 100V-250V Surge Protector for Worldwide use. Protects your equipment with built in circuit breaker
  • Fireproof ABS Plastic, PVC copper cable
  • Use standard plug,plug and play. Easy and safe to use for adults and children
  • It comes with a 12-month guarantee (to ensure this guarantee, you have to purchase this product from the manufacturer itself or from reputable sellers/distributors).



Max Power: 4000W
Rated Voltage: 110V–250v,50–60 Hz
Rated Current: Max 16A
Outlet quantity: 8 universal outlets+ 4 usb outlets
Color: Black+white
Material: Fireproof ABS plastic,PVC copper cord
Cord length: 2-meter black cable
Feature: Overload protection, surge protection
NOTE: There is smart a on-off switch on the top.

So far, the Smart 8-Outlet Home / Office Surge Protector 930 is one of the best surge protectors on the market, receiving a 75% 5-star rating and meeting most customers’ expectations. These are indicators that you’re purchasing a good-quality unit that will surely be your indispensable and stylish tool for your home office. It has a high-quality copper conductor which ensures smooth conduct. It is high in resilience and heats up very slowly.

It has a silver-plated switch which offers an anti-oxidation protection, and a one-piece control button in every floor which makes it low in carbon and energy-saving.

The tower design is a space saver on your desk. It has a socket hole in different surfaces with its 8 universal power outlets and four USB ports, allowing you to charge at any angle — freely and effortlessly. Overall, it makes an ideal tool for every home office!

If you are interested in Smart 8-Outlet Home / Office Surge Protector 930 you can buy it here


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