Small Office for Two Ideas

Whether you’re working in an office or from your own home, it’s essential to have a workspace to accomplish specific tasks. The desk and the chair are two of the most essential things to create a workspace.

You have the option to pick between a single desk or a desk built for two persons. The latter model can be advantageous when you need to do some teamwork, or both you and your colleague need to work, but you don’t want to do it all at once

Sometimes – or maybe even often – sharing the same workspace can have its shares of difficulties, especially if your colleague has working habits different from yours. These “double desk” models try to bridge the usual professional gaps with their simple but functional designs.

There are several options to choose from, so you have to determine first the size of your area whehter or not it can accommodate your preferred desk. Other considerations, such as budget, personal preferences, etc., will also factor your decision in purchasing a “double desk.” For instance, a side-by-side desk can be quite practical because it allows two people to have their own space, and at the same time, it also allows them to interact face to face.

1) A long desk to share

One of the common options is to have a long desk to share. You can also choose chairs that match the color and design of the desk. If you are a married couple who also happens to work from home, you can designate the desk with “his” or “hers” area. It is also useful to have a partition to divide the desk so that each person can have a reasonable amount of space. However, such desks are designed to facilitate interaction between the two workers, so it may not matter at one point who has more space, as long as the job is done.

This L-shaped desk from Ameriwood Home brings the professional style to your home and provides more work space than an average desk. With the shape of this desk, it can be placed in any corrner, thus maximizing the space in your area.

But if you really can’t get along with your desk partner, there is always the option of dividing the space in two.

2) Working side by side

If you and your work partner do not mind sitting side by side and sharing the same workspace, you can place the two chairs in the center of the desk. The desk can be outfitted with drawers or cabinets, either drawers below the surface or cabinets on the sides. In this way, each person gets to have his or her own storage space.

This simple but functional white desk from IKEA has all the basic features of a long desk (with storage) for two persons.

3) Two end working desks with storage between them

Otherwise, it would be better to have the two workspaces occupying the desk’s ends, with a storage compartment between them. This double desk from Nexera features a handsome modern white and walnut finish and has a three-drawer filing cabinet for storage.

4) Privacy matters

If privacy is paramount, then two persons can have separate corner desks as their workspace. This small but handsome wood corner computer desk from Simple Living Products has enough space for one, and it can fit any corner of a room.

5) U-shaped desk

If your room has enough space to accommodate this U-shaped desk with hutch from Bes, it can wrap around your room on three sides. It would be nice if any of those three sides have windows on them, which can provide you views of your front yard and the neighborhood while working at your desk. With enough workspace for two and ample storage, this desk seems practical and feasible for a shared office.

6) Working face to face

In a conventional work setting, two persons would face each other while working, and they would be sharing one desk or table.

You don’t necessarily need a customized “double” office desk to share your workspace with someone else. Sometimes, all you only need is to set up an office space consisting of smaller matching tables or desks facing each other. This allows every desk partner to have a personal space while also sharing the same work area.