8 Ideas For Small Home Office Setups

Wanting to make a perfect home office setup but you just don’t have enough space for a dream office? You don’t have to worry because you can always use small spaces to make one. It doesn’t take much to organize corners or narrow walls into functional and cozy small home office setups.

Small Home Office Setups

1. Closet

closet office

If you have extra closets in your room that have not been in use, you can remove the door and turn your closets into a compatible office setup.  Source

2. Narrow wall

Having narrow rooms doesn’t leave you much choice in organizing furniture. Use a narrow wall of a room to turn it into small office setup.  Source

3. Corner

corner office

There are plenty of corners in a house. Use any of them to turn it into a functional office setup with some extra wall cabinets for more storage space.  Source

4. Small office for two

office for two

A T-shaped office desk is a clever and fantastic space-saving solution for those who work different jobs. The nice thing there is that you have a workspace you can call your own. Source

5. Extra small and functional

extra smallllll

Less need for paperwork and catalogs means more small office setup solutions. You can basically use any tiny space to put a working desk, chair and some decor in it and turn it into an office.  Source

6. Need for cabinets

cabinets shelves office

On the other hand, if you require plenty of space for paperwork, catalogs and files, use all the available walls to put cabinets, shelves and cupboards for your work.  Source

7. Under the stairs

under the stairs

Most of the space under the stairs remains unused and empty. Turn this space into a practical workspace in no time. Source

8. The right desk

wall mounted desk

Limited areas for office ideas mean you have to remove anything that takes up too much space. Wall mounted desk is a perfect choice to free up some more space.  Source

There are numerous choices for small home office setups. Notice all the available spaces such as closets, corners or narrow walls and turn any of them into practical workspaces. Think of any space-saving solution such as adding more wall shelves or choosing the best desk and make your own well designed home office.