Signs of Frozen AC Coils and Their Common Causes

An air conditioning system is a complex piece of machinery that requires extensive maintenance, and if it malfunctions, it needs proper repairs. The whole HVAC system can malfunction because of frozen AC coils.

So, if you are living in the summer heat of Houston, then you would know how difficult it can get to live without a proper air conditioning system. Frozen AC coils can hamper the efficiency of the HVAC system and could cause your whole system to malfunction. No matter how much longer you keep your AC on, it would not lower the temperature of your room. The AC will fail to conduct the heat exchange process, and other components of the system will also need some repairs. So, if you notice any dip in the performance of your AC, then you must contact a company that provides 24 hour AC repair Houston.

Here are some of the signs of frozen AC coils.

  1. Ice frost on the inside vents is one of the most common signs of frozen coils. But many indoor units are often not accessible, so you may not be able to notice the frosting on the unit.
  2. After frosting, heat is the second most common symptom that you might notice in your air conditioning system. Check the temperature on the thermostat, and if it is giving out warmer air, you must get the issue checked.

Some of the common causes of frozen AC coils are as follows.

1. Uncleaned Air Filters may Freeze the Coils

The AC needs to filter the air to conduct the heat exchange process properly, and the uncleaned filters can construct the airflow to a great extent. Once the airflow is obstructed, the coils will get extremely cold, leading to ice accumulation.

2. Broken or Malfunctioning Outdoor Fans

The outdoor fan is essential in maintaining the airflow of the whole system by expiating hot air out of the unit. If the fan is not pushing air out, it blocks the entire airflow inside the unit, which could cause the coils to freeze. So, if it happens, check up on the outdoor unit and call for maintenance if you notice any discrepancies with the outdoor fan.

3. Blocked Condensate Lines

The condensate line eliminates the excess moisture out of the HVAC unit through pipes and pushes it to the drain. If these pipes get clogged due to any reason, the water and the moisture inside the whole unit can freeze. So, as the water would get frozen, so would the coils.

4. Leakage of Refrigerant

It is a chemical that runs through the coils and is responsible for cooling down the hair by altering the temperatures and pressure inside the unit. If the refrigerant leaks, the coils will not regulate the temperature of the air, and it will freeze.

So, if you reside in Houston and if you notice any of the common symptoms of frozen AC coils, you must contact a company that provides 24 hour AC repair in Houston to get the problem fixed. If you keep an AC with frozen coils running for a long time, it could get damaged without repair.