SEO and Web Marketing – Harness the Power of Google Analytics

The goal of nearly every website, and all online marketers, is to have their website reach the top of the Google search engine. They understand how important using Google Analytics is for their website to measure sales and conversions. It can also give website owners insight into how their visitors come to their website, what they do while they are there, and what to do to encourage visitors to return to their website regularly.

How can Google Analytics help a website owner? One of the main things it does is that it tracks a visitor’s activity while on a website. Then, it provides a number of reports that will enable the website owner to improve their site. If a business owner wants to understand which areas of the website converts readers to customers, there is a report to provide that information. Is it important to know which part of the website is rarely used, and thus performs the worst? Google Analytics can tell a business owner this, as well.

Tools business owners will find on Google Analytics include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Social Analytics – With the popularity of social media, business owners are wise to use it to their advantage. Google’s Social Analytics will explain how effective a social media campaign is working. See firsthand how social media influences conversions along with seeing which social media outlets are used most by visitors to the website.

2. Mobile Analytics – Another new tool used with internet marketing is having a mobile website. The Mobile Analytics report allows business owners to see what type of impact having a mobile website has. The report explains whether the mobile site leads visitors to the regular website.

3. Analysis Tools – A business owner is able to use these to see a variety of data for their website in an easy to understand manner. It allows the business owner to create reports that display only the most important information. It explains how ‘organic traffic’ differs from ‘visitors with conversions.’ The owner can also see how visitors interact with the various pages of the website.

4. Conversion Analytics – Most businesses want to know how many visitors to their website become paying customers. This report will explain the number of sales, if visitors downloaded available content and if they have watched any added videos to the site. It will even explain how each of these types of content encouraged visitors to become customers.

5. Content Analytics – Many business owners add a variety of content to their website. Knowing which kind is most effective or popular will help a business owner know which type of content converts readers. It will enable them to add the content they know will have the biggest impact.

When a business owner takes all of the Google Analytic tools into consideration, they will see a comprehensive picture that enables them to concentrate on the things that are most cost-effective. They can put their advertising dollars on the things they know will work because they can see the results before them.

Since most of the Google Analytic tools are free, it makes wise business sense to create a Google Ad Sense account. The knowledge a business can gain using these tools will be invaluable in helping them succeed.