Pros and Cons of Drag and Drop Website Builder

Businesses, especially smaller ones, find themselves in a difficult situation while starting. They often don’t have a massive budget to build a great dedicated site that big corporations can easily do!

Fortunately, many site builders let startups create their website without worrying about spending a lot of money on web designers. One such example is Drag and Drop Website Builders. It is a collection of features that let you design your website by dragging and dropping certain elements into your webpage like header, logo, background, etc.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of such drag and drop builders:


There are many reasons to use drag and drop page builder for your new website. Some of them are:

Ease of use

Whether or not you have experience with building websites, you will use a drag and drop websites builder. It is easy and understandable. As a result, you don’t have to worry about taking months of classes to learn web designing.


If you are taking help from a web designer, you may need to pay a lot more for custom designs than building the site yourself. Drag and drop, even though having some disadvantages, are a lot cheaper. So, startups and personal blog sites that don’t have a massive budget can use this feature without worrying about spending.


As drag and drop features are easy to use, it is also faster. If you are using any other method, the chances are that it would take you longer to adapt to it and learn to use it. Drag and drop is self-explanatory, just like its elements. So, you would be able to create a complete site with efficiency and speed.


Drag and drop service comes with a dedicated support group. You can easily ask questions and get help from the support crew whenever you find any complications. This feature is not available for a lot of site builders.


As you may expect, drag and drop builders come with its disadvantages. They are:

Not Highly Customizable

There are not many customizable options available for drag and drop website builder. So, if you want to give your own brand’s touch to the website, you can’t do it only by using a drag and drop builder.

Generic Looks

A website built with drag and drop builder looks very generic and somewhat similar to millions of other sites. Having a unique website is the very trend that makes a site stand out and popular. However, attaining it is not easy with a drag and drop website builder.

SEO Limitation

There are not many options for SEO optimization on a drag and drop builder. SEO is a very important factor for getting reach and having the right people see your site.


A lot of startups that immediately need a website can use a drag and drop site builder. So, even though you might lack the resources, you can still get help from a drag and drop builder.