No Skills Required – 5 Simplest Ways To Make Money Online

Instead of searching for potential options or resources for funds every single time you are in peril, you can choose to make your home a money earning workplace.

No Skills Required – 5 Simplest Ways To Make Money Online

1. Sell items urgently

The best advice is to look in your own houses for things you can sell immediately and get some quick money. Craigslist is used by over 40 million people per month and is a good idea instead of a yard sale.

eBay is also a good place for selling your things. You can choose to assort what you want to sell from a long list of items eBay allows its users to sell.

2. Doing Tasks for websites

Different websites such as Amazon Turk, Swagbucks and other websites offer you money for completing simple tasks. The amount paid through these tasks is usually low and the tasks are quick and simple tasks. An extended form of this are rewards and cash paid through Apps and online surfing. Often various apps and platforms such as ‘Bing rewards’ provide you with a number of opportunities to do whatever you want and make a few dollars with your phone and computer.

3. Transcribing Audio

Many websites are looking to expand their business and provide facilities for hearing impaired people. It is also easier for people to read and understand something on the internet than viewing it.

They might offer you a direct method for transcribing their video or might require you for a final position. Platforms such as Upwork also offer transcribing jobs.

Choose a legitimate transcription website or employer and then you can start making small amounts of money through working online.

Make sure that you are well versed with the language needed for transcription. Some people might also require a translation alongside meaning you will have to hear something in one language and write it down in another. Its quite a hectic task and is hence paid well for.

4. Editing Audio

There is a plethora of content which is being uploaded to online websites each day. If you know how to work with audio editing software then you can clear out or enhance the audio quality of interviews or other videos before they are uploaded online.

Choosing the software. There are a number of softwares available for free or paid to edit audio files. Try choosing a free software if you are a beginner. In the long run try to use the software which has the most functions and can be operated with ease.

Searching for jobs. Generally audio editing requires you to be at a certain level before you can work for other people. You can find jobs on elance, oDesk or other specific websites which you find effective for editing audio to earn money online.

5. Contests

If you have some talent which you think is worth showcasing then you can participate in a number of free contests online. You can go to popular websites or websites with low demands depending on your confidence.

Since you won’t be paid until you win, you should be prepared for losing the contest at all times and should remember the rules and guidelines.

Apart the main five, here are another set of five no-sweat ways to make money:

Room rentals – This is great news especially if you’ve got an extra room that hasn’t been used — put it up for rental on AirBnb! This will attract mostly younger people or individuals who are often away from home are searching for rental opportunities in residential properties, and most of them just want a place to sleep. You can use that opportunity by renting out an unused room in your home at competitive rates… and eventually you will see yourself making an extra few hundred dollars every month along the way.

The idea of having a total stranger sleeping in your house may still feel weird or even uncomfortable to some family members or housemates. That’s why it’s important to be a bit extra cautious when screening potential clients before choosing a suitable tenant.

Blogging – If you love tackling about anything under the sun and sharing your own thoughts through words, then you can turn that passion into profit! Blogging has definitely grown from being a mere outlet for sharing one’s thoughts and experiences to becoming a potential source of passive income among writing enthusiasts. They usually get paid through sponsoring companies like Amazon. You can sign up on Blogger, WordPress, Hubpages and other blogging platforms for free, and earn profits through clicks on ads that sponsors put on your blog posts. Some programs like Google AdSense need you to register first before availing their services.

Paid surveys – What else to make use of your spare time? How about answering surveys? Before you’d think that we’re joking, paid online surveys do actually exist! This is also a good opportunity if you’re a student or having a job but still need to earn some extra cash.

Sounds tempting, right? So where can you actually get to answer paid surveys? There are several well-known big corporations and marketing firms out there who are willing to pay people to do surveys as part of their marketing research. There are also websites such as Survey Club and Survey Junkie where you can sign up as well. Expect that you will be receiving several surveys right away, just after you’ve just registered. The compensation may be small compared to other online rackets, but as long as you work constantly and find plenty of opportunities to answer paid surveys, you can significantly boost your earnings potential.

Creating a gig on Fiverr – Fiverr is one of those websites which encourages everyone to make money online by creating a “gig.” A gig is a service on Fiverr where you’d be willing to do anything for five bucks.

There are gigs on Fiverr that require a specialized skill and highly professional experience such as web development and design, SEO, digital animation, programming, tech writing and a lot more. But don’t be intimidated! Fiverr is also a famous minefield for the downright silly gigs such as screaming loudly for 20 seconds, dancing to your favorite music in a hot dog costume, or hiring someone to flirt with their boyfriends or husbands to test their fidelity (that’s one of the strangest we’ve heard).

Monetizing your vlog – A lot of people love to video blog or “vlog,” and if you’re one of them you can take the opportunity to earn lots of money on YouTube! Post your music videos, funny videos, travel videos, and helpful instructional videos… and begin earning passive income from something that you love doing!