How to Make Money by Selling Handmade Items

There is no arguing that technology is gaining grip in everyday items constantly but neither can be the love of tradition neglected. If your hobby is making crafts at home like jewelry, trinkets, personalized gift items and a lot more, turn your passion in do-it-yourself tricks into profit.

How? Sell your handmade items on This website offers its users to sell a wide variety of products.

If you’re new to Etsy or to online selling in particular, it can feel quite overwhelming. But don’t despair! Here are the steps to make selling on Etsy more manageable (or even fun!)

How to Make Money by Selling Handmade Items

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Step 1: Start by looking for the best selling handmade items on Etsy. This will give you a better idea regarding what’s in demand and what can you provide out of the more demanded items.

Step 2: Check the Etsy guidelines about selling handmade items. Be careful not to break any of the rules and you can get to know what is expected through your services in a better way.

Step 3: Register yourself at the website. There is often an email confirmation sent by the website to the email provided by you. The sign up process is quite basic and requires minimal skills.

Step 4: Set a name for your store. See a list of already famous names for ideas but don’t use any names to confuse with others. Also check for URL availability in case you want to have a separate online website for your store sometime later. This is permanent so choose carefully.

Step 5: Banner represents your store to your buyers and the first thing noticeable about a store. Choose a banner as per the Etsy requirements or 760 x100 pixels (resolution 72 dots per inch).

Step 6: Avatar is an identifying image for your store which holds its importance after banner. So choose your avatar wisely.

Step 7: The final hurdle before you launch your own business is writing your profile. A good profile always works in the benefit of buyers as well as store owners. With all the names of your other stores on Etsy as well as the names of people associated with this store the profile should be written as per the guidelines. Write an attention grabbing first paragraph followed by clear and professional account of your services. Include a bit of personal info but not too much.

Step 8: Take captivating photos of your product. Most sellers at Etsy are not pro photographers by trade. Even just decent snapshots of your product won’t get you the clicks you want. So if you want your product to sell and increase your traffic, you may need to do some studying and practice. You may be surprised that great photography doesn’t have to cost a lot or require sophisticated photography equipment, and is actually easier than you might believe. Even your smartphone or your digital camera can take sharp, illustrative, simple but professional-looking photographs. You just have to learn the basic photography tricks such as finding lots of natural light, a background that’s simple and doesn’t look too “busy,” attention to detail, and clever angles. Keep on practicing on your photography until you get it right.

Step 9: Get, set, go. Set prices for every item which you want to sell at your store. Give clear details about the item in the description so that the buyers clearly know what they are buying and you do not get bad reviews for deceiving. Tag keywords, you can research into SEO responsive and better tags so that your product shows up at the top in search results.

Often many people are selling the same product. Let’s say sweaters. Your sweater needs to look better than all the other shiny sweaters out there and it should look even better in a photograph. So, your shiny sweater will stand out and people will be able to notice it and buy your amazing sweater immediately.

That’s it folks. Once you’ve uploaded your items and their photos all you have to do is get the products ready and market them for getting better sales and profits.

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