How To Make Money By Doing Online Surveys

You have done surveys once in a while, whether online or offline. But is there such a thing as a “paid survey”? Meaning, can you actually make money by doing surveys? The answer is: yes you can. But before you would get excited though, remember that this is not going to be a full-time income — more of a supplementary one. Nevertheless, this sideline can turn out handsomely especially when you get steady opportunities.

Several different companies, organizations and other entities require a feedback regarding their work. This feedback may be a simple form which you fill out when ordering food, online shopping etc., or a survey which is done by a certain criterion. The feedback helps the people who are providing the services to connect with the people who are receiving those services.

Different companies have a number of surveys for connecting with their customers from time to time. You can take part in surveys for free or get paid for surveying something.

How To Make Money By Doing Online Surveys

The first factor surrounding any survey is your eligibility.

  1. Get ready for opportunities: Some surveys might ask for a gender or age based qualification while others might ask your profession. There are also surveys which simply are applicable for anyone.
  1. Fill the initial surveys: Many companies request you to fill a survey or two about yourself or to check if you are “not a robot”. These surveys are not paid but are rather a part of a screening process for you.
    Fill these surveys because many times these surveys are also used to direct you towards other surveys and blank requests don’t pair well with anything.
  1. Keep checking regularly: If you want to get the best surveys, the best you can do is to regularly keep checking the survey websites and companies. Some surveys are highly paid and others are less. Keep an email separately for doing online surveys. Get a new account for starting.
  1. Choose and complete: You will have a number of surveys popping up each day. Choose the surveys which look like the best use of your time. If a survey pays higher then you might want to go for it although if you have more time then you can do them all.

To help you a bit, here are the top 5 highest paying (and legitimate) online survey companies.

1. Paid Viewpoint

Logo for Paid Viewpoint Paid Survey Site

  • You only have to be 13 years of age to join,
  • There’s a $1 signup bonus for new members,
  • You can bank as much as $25 for each referred friend
  • You need $15 to make a withdrawal request.

2. Opinion Outpost

Logo for Opinion Outpost Canada Paid Survey Site

  • $1 to $10 per completed survey.
  • 10,000 quarterly cash prize draw which is available for all users.
  • You need between $5 and $10 to cash-out, depending on how you choose to withdraw.

3. GlobalTestMarket

Globaltestmarket Logo

      • You will be rewarded even if you don’t qualify for a survey.
      • Surveys pay up to $10 each.
      • $50 minimum withdrawal.

4. Ipsos i-Say

ipsos logo

  • They pay an average of $1, but usually it only takes 10 minutes or less to complete.
  • Invitations to a focus group, product test, or webcam surveys.

5. Pinecone Research

Pineconeresearch Logo

  • Earn $3-$5 for 10-minute surveys.
  • Payments are usually made within 24 hours.
  • No minimum amount to withdraw.

Once you have made your accounts and have learnt enough about the surveys, you have to focus on websites which would allow you to do so.

Here is the second step which requires you to find legitimate websites which offer you surveys for money:

  1. Search online: Searching through various sources online will land you with useable results. Generally one of the results will be what you need to click on for money.
  1. Fake and useful: There are a number of people out there who are trying to exploit you so you should be aware of such scammers.
    Generally scammers will ask you for a fee upfront. Someone who wants to pay you money will not ask you to pay just to look at their surveys. Consider this a warning and go to sites which are free.
  1. Information: Another important thing to focus on is the information about the company on the website. If it’s a legitimate website then it will have all the terms and conditions, FAQ’s, payment methods etc. listed right before you for access. If information is hard or impossible to find then you’ll know that it’s a scam website.
  1. Make sure you will be paid in money: Many survey websites will refer you to gift cards and other websites might provide you with offers but make sure that you only choose to do surveys for websites which will reward you with cash in your account.
  1. Privacy policy: This will tell you whom the information you fill out in the surveys will be shared with. Try to check for websites which claim to not give your credentials to other websites without your consent.
  1. Other conditions: Some websites would want you to be over 18 years in age whereas other websites might have some other qualification for you to earn anything.
  1. Payout amount: Generally most of the websites will ask you to get a certain amount before you can withdraw anything. Check if that amount is not too high.
  1. Site ratings: The ratings of a website are a good source to know about them. Provided through common people the ratings of a site will help you choose the best.


The final step after you have chosen your best website is registering:

  1. Have an e-mail: Dedicate a specific email as mentioned before just to collect your online survey related offers and for managing your statistics.
  1. Register with more than one legitimate companies: The companies you have chosen previously need to be registered with and usually also require a mobile verification before you are connected to their survey system.
  1. Check emails regularly: A company might send you email for verification of registration. Keep this email with you so that you can reach them in case of any discrepancy or else you are sure that your payments are being transferred to the correct location.