Learn the Interesting History of FedEx

Delivery services are more highly demands nowadays. But do know that there a lot of logistics company operating in different countries. And take note they are not just running locally, but their services extended all over the world.  You urge to try to guess!

You might guess right!  FedEx is named as one of the leading players in package delivery in the market right now. This article is going to dig more into the history and business facts FedEx has. But before that, We already knew that in any business, there is always competition. And the biggest competitor of FedEx is the “UPS” United Parcel Services. But unlike UPS, FedEx has a short story to tell how the company was founded.

So without further ado. Let us talk about it right away in this article to know more about FedEx.




Federal Express is Born

Smith developed the global logistics company when he was still studying at Yale University with notable students such as George W. Bush and John Kerry. Fred Smith proposes a new concept of a logistics company responsible for a piece of cargo that we’ll pick up locally and delivered to different countries. While thinking of operating various types of shipments, even delivery vans.

When he graduated from Yale in 1971, he began the Federal Express properly through his father’s inheritance and venture capital. His company ideas were based on what he developed while studying at Yale that focused on air-ground systems. He started the company at Little Rock National Airport in Arkansas.  After two years of lack of airport cooperation, he manages to go back to his hometown in Memphis, Tenessee.

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The Sky is Not the Limit for FedEx

The company earns its first profits of $3.6 Million based on handling 19,000 packages per day. This year was meant for the company. They were able to purchase a large jet aircraft that could increase the packages transported per day. So, after buying a jet, they managed to buy seven Boeing 727 aircraft. Since the company is working so well, they utilized to buy a Boeing 737 aircraft. The company Increases its profit by $8 million on sales of $110 million. They manage to have 31,000 regular customers, including IBM and the U. As. Air Force in which they tend to used Federal Express to ship spare parts.

FedEx says Hello to Europe

In 1984, FedEx made its first acquisition to develop an overseas market. They made acquisitions in Britain, Netherlands even UAE. They immensely expand and design services in Europe by unlocking a European hub at the Brussels airport.

Partnering with the British Airways

FedEx Ground planned but then left this route to partner with British Airways for BAFly in 1987, a Concorde supersonic aircraft to Shannon Airport in Ireland with FedEx packages on board. Then FedEx delivered subsonic packages to destinations in Europe. 

fedex plane-jpeg

Dream Big, Go Big

The name FDX Corporation was changed into FedEx Corporation and renamed all subsidiaries to FedEx Corp in 2000. And announced that it will remove the Kinko name from its shipping centers;

The Brown Bailout Against Union Groups

FedEx has launched a campaign against United Parcel Service (UPS) and the truck drivers union. Accusing its competitors of receiving a ransom in an advertising campaign called “Brown Bailout.”

Legal Charges Against Federal Express

FedEx has appointed CEO Henry Mayer and President of FedEx Ground following the retirement of David Rebholz on May 31, 2013. On July 17, 2014, FedEx was charged with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances in partnership with the ChhabraSmoley Foundation and Advanced Narcotics.

The Department of Justice US Attorney’s Office confirmed that it had asked the US District Court Judge Charles Breyer to dismiss the charges but did not say why.

Corporate Amendments and Developments

FedEx extended FedEx Ground US tasks to six days each week because of the ascent sought after for internet business. In 2019, FedEx Exchange Organizations was re-marked to FedEx Coordinations. While in 2020, FedEx acquired ShopRunner, an e-commerce platform.

FedEx declared designs to make its activities carbon-unbiased by 2040. It’s putting $2 billion in practical energy drives, including $100M for another Yale Community for Normal Carbon Catch and updating its airplane and ground transportation armadas. It will be the primary client to take conveyance of GM’s. Electric EV600 conveyance vans as a component of the objective of an all-electric ground armada by 2040. Meanwhile, you can also click the link to find out the difference between Shopify and PrestaShop and which works better for online stores.