Learn the Interesting History of Ben & Jerry’s

Ice cream would be the best partner in cheers and downfalls. With various flavors, everyone could choose their preference, and surely you have your own too. Ben and Jerry, the pioneers of this ice American ice cream with the same brand name, just made an excellent level of ice cream taste that had etched to the heart of consumers. Looking back to their journey, you will be amused by how their small scoop shop reached greater America and even across the world. Meanwhile, if you want to find out the best car services you’ll need if you have a delivery business, open the link. 

The Making of the Super Premium Ice Cream

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield built their first ice cream shop in 1978 at the converted gas station in Burlington, Vermont. Back then, Cohen was teaching crafts while Greenfield had been working as a lab technician. These two bright men— 27 years olds, just have set undeniable ice cream in history. Their initial plan is to produce bagels, but the equipment is quite expensive. In order to acquire knowledge in ice cream making, the two have invested in it for a  $5 course at Penn State. When they opened their very first ice cream shop in Vermont, the initial investment was $12,000, and the $4,000 was just borrowed. 

At first, Cohen and Greenfield have also sell crepes and soup, but that didn’t succeed, so they stuck to the ice cream. Cohen had said that he has a weak sense of smell that is why their ice creams consisted of big chunks and rich flavors. But like the other starters, they also have failed products like the Rum Raisin in 1977 due to the rubbery consistency. In 1979, the scoop shop had expanded into wholesale deliveries and eventually established Ben and Jerry’s in 35 states. In the first half of 1985, their sales have reached $3.6 million. That’s pretty impressive. Ben and Jerry’s foundation was established to support community projects and even promised that they would give 7.5 percent of the company’s annual profits.


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What’s Inside the Pints? 

The Ben and Jerry’s scoop shop started with only twelve flavors in line. They started it with an old-fashioned rock salt ice cream maker and local milk and cream. As what have mentioned earlier, it wasn’t a complete success like the other business facts. Yet, the brand didn’t stop exploring. In 1980, the two have started selling their product around the restaurants of Burlington. The Cherry Garcia ice cream was produced for the rock legend Jerry Garcia. After years of research and development, Ben and Jerry have already created the popular Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in pints. It is said that the first batch of the flavor came from an anonymous note scribbled on the suggestion board of their scoop shop in 1984. 

If you are worried about fat, lactose, and cholesterol, that brand then introduced the Doonesberry sorbet, which is inspired by ‘Doonesbury comic strip character.’ It is made up of pure spring water, fruits, and flavorings. By 2012, the brand nourished Greek yogurt and made Greek Frozen Yogurt flavors filled with chunks and swirls. Due to the public demand, the brand produced non-dairy flavors. The first flavors were Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Coffee Caramel Fudge, and PB & Cookies. All are made with almond milk and are 100% Certified Vegan. In 2018, the Moo-phoria pints were produced, and each 1⁄2 cup serving had 140-160 calories. Still, no artificial sugar substitutes or sugar alcohols.

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The Chunky Contributions

Ben and Jerry’s is not just your typical ice cream shop by just looking at the record. Born in Burlington, Vermont, the brand has been expanded across the world. After a year of opening, the brand held the first-ever Free Cone Day for the whole day as giving back to their customers. This brand was known in ‘the world’s largest ice cream sundae’ in St. Albans, Vermont, and weighed 27,102 pounds. In 1988, President Reagan hailed Ben and Jerry as ‘US. Small Business Persons of the Year.’ Farm Aid, a non-profit organization, was supported by this brand by putting a message ‘Support Farm Aid’ to the eight million Ben & Jerry’s pints. They even joined a cooperative campaign with the national non-profit, Children’s Defense Fund, to support the basic needs of children and distributed postcards to Congress. 

In 1994, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream pints reached the United Kingdom. Also, the concern about the packaging was acknowledged, so they renovated its design. The Flying Friesian, a raucous tour bus in the UK, was not just made for fun but the fundraising for kids-in-need network, Childline. In 2000, Ben & Jerry’s became a complete subsidiary of Unilever. Ben & Jerry’s collaborated with Dave Matthews Band & SaveOurEnvironment.org for a campaign about global warming with the message on their pint, ‘One Sweet Whirled.’ As a celebration for their twenty-five years in the run in 2003, they throw a birthday party at the Waterbury, VT.  If you find this post interesting, you may also want to check out our article about the very first items included on McDonald’s menu