Just Became Manager? Simple Tips That Will Help You Find Your Feet

If you just received the news of your promotion to the manager’s position, you have every right to be thrilled and excited. However, if you are a responsible person, you probably also feel a little bit nervous. There is a question lurking in your mind that says – am I good enough for the job? Let us save you some trouble, you are! However, this is a new environment for you and you have to find a way to adapt.

You have to find answers to questions like – how to obtain a Legal Entity Identifier or how do I motivate the workers to be the best they can be?

A good manager always finds the answers to those questions. Here are some simple tips that will help you find your feet and get the job done.

Find A Way To Motivate The Workers

One of the hardest and most complicated things for new managers to do is finding a way to motivate the workers. Employees may not see you as an authority figure and you have to assert your authority without jeopardizing the relationship you have with them. Try your best to keep things professional, but also try to make work fun. Offer them various incentives and prizes for a job well done. For example, award the best employees with extra vacation days or bonuses.

Make Sure You Are Approachable

The very first thing you need to do when you step into the manager’s office is to assert your authority. This can be an ugly process, especially since most of your coworkers still see you as one of their own. And you are one of them, you just have a lot more responsibilities now. However, just because you have a new title, doesn’t mean you should turn your nose up. You must stay with both feet on the ground and be approachable. Listen to what they have to say and honor their requests.

Be Transparent When Communicating With Them

If you want to be a successful and respected manager in your office, you must be transparent when communicating with your staff. In other words, all cards on the table. This will give them the courage to approach you with their burning questions and you will be able to find solutions more easily. Honesty is a policy that will make your job much simpler and easier.