How To Make Money With Webinars

It is highly possible to make money from conducting webinars. You probably heard of some webinar successful stories like how ex-professional football player, Lewis Howes started a successful webinar business and made $6,300 in one hour. Why can’t that be you?

Seminars have been quite a term in business environments. A seminar is quite effective in communicating an idea to the viewer. The online version of a recorded seminar is a webinar. The individual who is hosting the webinar uses the Internet to connect to his or her audience from many parts of the world.

A webinar is usually thought of as a live online seminar. However, recording may be termed as webinar even if it was filmed in the absence of any actual audience or in some cases if it’s not live and has been scripted.

There are a number of benefits of having a webinar instead of the traditional seminar to a company:

  • No preparation: You don’t need to have your sales pitch ready or possess a perfect voice every time you present a webinar as compared to a seminar. A webinar can be easily shown with a pen-drive at any location. A webinar speaks for itself and you are not required to prepare anything for a webinar whereas you can’t mess up the points or structure of a seminar.
  • Easily distributable: You can post it on YouTube, Vimeo, your own website or blog, the website of company or entity you are marketing for etc. basically if there is a source where your webinar is acceptable then you can simply upload it there and people will flock to your sales counter.
    You can also send a webinar to people through emails or in files and can distribute it to audience and other people via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Anywhere where information can be supplied electronically will act as a host for your webinar.
  • Cost and time effective: Think about all the time a person would need if he or she has to go to all the locations and present a webinar. There are costs associated with travel and other expenses too.
    Seminars are generally only impressive when they are given by a known personality. You can contact a person for a single webinar shoot or imagine the prices they would charge for 15 different seminars.
    If you are someone who is experienced then it is also easier for you to give webinars instead of hurting your pocket and going from place to place for giving a single seminar.
  • Easily marketable: Talk about getting people to hear you when you have time. Nearly everyone is busy with their own schedule. These days it’s quite rare for normal people to take time from their hectic life schedules and attend seminars.
    Instead if a video pops up for a webinar on an informative page then they might be interested. It is also easy to publicize a webinar through social media and other online marketing strategies whereas this won’t work for seminars.

How To Make Money With Webinars

There are a number of companies which are looking forward to increase their online business. If you can convince one of them through your idea or qualifications then they might be interested in your webinar. There are some key points to remember although before you make a webinar:

  1. Have a good topic: Start by searching keywords, videos, relating articles, webinars etc. Once you have reviewed the sources on which you can make a webinar you have to choose a good topic for your webinar.

Making Money With Webinar Marketing

Note that there is a difference between a good enough and a good topic. While your webinar might somehow slag through the seconds on a good enough topic, you can get the viewer to click a few links if you have a really good topic.

2. Experts and Guests: There is always a celebrity around to help you out. No? Try out with a guest or a friend who holds some good position and is ready to help you out.
There are a number of webinars which have a normal police officer giving various instructions. As long as people know that the person whom they are listening to has proven themselves in the society, they will find your webinar more appealing and interesting.

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3. Give out a date: A webinar comes with a date, give out a date to your audience along with time for taking part in the webinar. Also follow up with a post event message as a follow up. Also send a last message before the webinar to attract any people who might have missed out on the earlier sent reminders.

4. Follow-up Talk: IF your webinar is simply ended without any feedback from the audience then it is less likely to be successful. Try taking part in as many conversations as possible after the webinar.

Do not give any unrequired or wrong information to people because your webinar is the marketing face of your client. Many successful people who hold a webinar choose to only respond to people who ask relevant or most important questions. This is another added benefit of having webinars as you can choose which crowd you want to face.

5. Convert the “register” page to “get recording” page. Once your webinar has been concluded well, do not just leave the page hanging with a registration icon. This will not only mislead the people but will also form a careless image of company in the minds of people.

Edit the page accordingly to show the methods or links for downloading or viewing the video. You can also put a charge on viewing the video. Meanwhile, if you want to know how to cross-market your online business, open the link.