How to finance your business idea and turn it into reality

Most people allow their brilliant ideas to die because they do not have the capacity to fund it. Such brilliant ideas could have been the turnaround they needed in their lives, and even in their locality, if they had tried working on it. If you have a business idea and you want it to be realized. If you do not already have the money to finance your business or you don’t have enough, another rare option is to get extra money to finance your business idea. Here are ways you can finance it:

Personal savings

If you have a business idea you are really sure of, then go ahead to invest some of your personal money in it. It helps put you on your toes as you would not want to lose your hard-earned money. You would also be willing to give it your all as you would not want it to be a failed venture. If you really want to use your personal savings to finance your idea, you can start saving towards it from the time you have had the idea. However, this option is among the least popular among ways of financing your name business idea.

Angel investors

Angel investors are people who have a lot of money and can spare start-ups some to use to establish themselves. If you have a wealthy person in your circle who is open-minded and generous, you can pitch your business ideas to them. If they like it, they can decide to fund it.


This is another popular way to fund your business idea. There are Crowdsourcing apps you can register on and present your ideas. If your business idea is feasible and profitable enough, people will surely respond to your request for help. You can look up online crowdfunding and investment websites for potential investments no matter if they are individual or other businesses.

Loans/bank credits

You can get loans from financial institutions such as banks and microfinance institutions. Some loans do not require you having much collateral before you can qualify for the amount of money. You can seek out these institutions. However, ensure that you are getting loans for a feasible and profitable business idea so that you will be able to repay it. Also, do not take on a loan more than your capacity.


You can tell people who you feel have the financial capacity and open mindedness a business needs to grow to enter into partnerships with you. If you are going to do this, you will need to share responsibilities as well as profits with your partners. As such, ensure you have in your team people who are both mentally and financially capable.

Support of family and friends

Your family and friends can be pillars of support for your business. You can pitch your ideas to them in hope of favourable responses. You can even invite them to partner with you and get dividends off any money they put down.


Grants are non-repayable funds that you can get from the government, financial institutions, individuals, organizations, etc. Grants are one of the best and stress-free ways you can scale up your business faster than you can think. It also gives you access to support and partnerships from the best in your industry.

Credit agreement with suppliers

Depending on your business idea, you can enter into an agreement with suppliers to give you the merchandise to sell first and then pay later on an agreed date. This is not impossible, though it requires a lot of trust between both parties. Ensure you uphold the agreement you make in such relationships.

Customer’s money

If you are really sure of your business idea, this is a daring source you can venture into. Once you have outlined your business idea and identified your target audience, you can go ahead to meet them and tell them you have products that can meet their needs and wants. If there is an already existing market for your product and you are able to persuade your target market, you can get some of them to give you their money on trust and use that as capital to fund your business.