How one bet on cricket can buy you a car

Cricket is loved in many countries, including India, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand. It originated in England and is currently represented by many championships and meetings that differ in format. Features and rules of this game provide unlimited opportunities for bettors. The special attraction of cricket in terms of sports betting is that the competition takes place throughout the year. Moreover, if the work of traditional gambling establishments in India is strictly regulated by law, then virtual bookmakers accept bets from users from anywhere in the world, in particular, for the next Punjab Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders match, which will take place in May.

The popularity of the game among the local population of India, which is distinguished by gambling and the ability to make money on everything, has turned fun entertainment into an additional way of legal simple earnings.

How to make money betting on cricket

No other sports direction provides such a huge variability of bets on main and additional results. In cricket, there are specific types of bets, for example, on the winner of the toss. Such bets are very popular among beginners who are not yet confident in their abilities and have little gaming experience but like to tickle their nerves. Guessing one of the two teams, which fell to a lot of the first to serve the ball, is quite simple because their chances are equivalent. And for those who are well versed in the rules and know-how to develop their strategies, it will not be difficult to earn a new car at one successful rate, and not the cheapest one.

Almost all online bookmakers accept bets on:

  • the victory of one of the teams;
  • total;
  • the result of the draw;
  • individual indicators;
  • the best bowler or batsman;
  • early bet on the winner;
  • double chance;
  • handicap.

The specifics of sports competitions lie primarily in the variety of tournament formats, which include T20, one-day and protracted matches. Each of the presented options has its attractive sides for professional betters.

For example, the T20 format is one of the most dynamic and spectacular, because in just three and a half hours it is important to score the maximum result, which will determine the outcome of the match. Long tournaments belong to the category of first-level cricket and last about five days. They are held as part of national championships and test competitions. A characteristic feature of one-day matches is the restriction on overs, the number of which does not exceed 50.

How to bet and win

The great variability of the outcome of events allows fans of this sport to make good money at top games and competitions of teams from different countries. To do this, it is important to take into account many criteria, some of them are quite specific. For example, the outcome of a match can be influenced by the weather and the surface of the playing field, and these factors are perhaps more important than the composition of the teams and the form of the base players.

Considering that traditional gambling establishments are limited in terms of accepting bets, virtual bookmakers that accept bets in any currency and use different payment systems are of greater interest to professional and novice bettors, making it easy to replenish a deposit and withdraw winnings. Such formats of gambling establishments have mobile versions supported by gadgets based on Android and iOS. Now all you have to do is download the app to follow live events, place bets, and win.