Embrace Concert Review

Embrace was a short-lived hardcore punk band in Washington, D.C., that lasted from the mid-nineties to the early 1990s. Members were primarily crusted punk, with the remaining members contributing to the musical aspects of Embrace’s sound. A cover of The  Tape by The Replacements, which had been in existence for quite some time, may have been the initial catalyst for the band’s formation. Embrace’s lyrics and music were inspired by The Replacements and other Seattle bands such as Kaleidoscope.

In the fall of 1992, Embrace released their debut album entitled Embrace. The album was remixed by Skid Row, featuring vocals from Jeff Parish. The original version of Embrace featured the band doing a cover of American Pie by The Beach Boys. The remastered version features an entirely different band lineup, which is comprised of core member Scott Weiland (guitar/vocals), Mark Linn-Baker (guitar/vocals), Rich Butler (bass/vocals), and John Garcia (drums).

Embrace’s sophomore album, titled After Glow, was released in the U.S. in the fall of 1994. Its primary producers were Weill, Weiler, and Baldemann. Two different demos, one with the band covering Weezer’s Blue Chips and the other without them, were released. A deluxe double CD with all the songs from AfterGlow was released as a bonus CD with the album. A four-song EP was issued as a bonus item along with the whole album.

Embrace’s popularity continued when they re-recorded their third album called Dischord. With the band now focusing on their endeavours, including a new hardcore band called Dischord Ark, a reunion seemed inevitable. In 1996, the group headed back into the studio to record their follow-up to After Glow, entitled Embrace Again. Much like the early songs from Embrace, this album featured an entire cast featuring Weill, Linn-Baker, and Butler. They also brought back Mark Linn-Baker’s basses, Joe Dart. Several bonus tracks that had been recorded during the sessions for Dischord surfaced on this album as well.

A year later, Embrace was again in the studio recording their fourth album called Embrace먹튀검In Light. Ed Clark once again handled the lead guitars. Several different drummers were also added to this group, including Doug Bond, Hal Robey, and Kris Menahan. An all-star supporting cast hit the stage to perform hits from earlier albums such as Thriller; Everybody Praises Me, Wonderful Tonight, and Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. A remastered version of the original hit, Shake It Off, was also included in the compilation.

A year after Embrace In Light, Weill returns with another collaborative effort called Embrace Again. This time the band is again headed by Weill and includes members such as Kris Menahan (vocals/guitar), Mark Linn-Baker (bass), Hal Robey (drums) and Edward Janney ( keyboards/percussion). Weill, Chase Rice, and Mark Janney Embrace Again featured guest stars including Michael Buble, Scott Weiland, Warren Smith, John Entwistle, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Kris Norberg. Embrace Again did very well commercially, selling close to three hundred and fifty copies in its first week of release. It quickly went gold, which increased its popularity.

A short time later, Weill teamed up again with renowned artist Albert Einstein, who was working on a book based on his life and music. When they began brainstorming for the book, the two decided to create a collage video to document Einstein’s artistic moments and feature everything from the audience to his favourite pencil to create a special limited edition of Embrace. The resulting DVD documentary, Embrace Again, captures all of the band’s history, from the early days of Weill and Einstein’s friendship and early works to their invention of the Embrace lighting fixture. Embrace is Weill’s most successful effort yet, and the film has been praised by virtually every critic and writer who has seen it. Embrace’s numerous commercial successes, including the addition of several songs by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, and Queen, led to creating a film franchise featuring many other iconic musicians and performers.

In late 2021, Weill decided to take advantage of his contract with SGC to create an authorized commemorative film for the group’s thirtieth anniversary. The movie was called Embrace: The Search, and it features footage from various concerts, interviews, press events, and other places. The background music and special effects are breathtaking, and this Embrace DVD includes both an option for a high definition copy and a traditional “standard” DVD release. Embrace features a front cover drawing by acclaimed artist Leslie Clague, and the inside features never-before-seen photographs of the band from various locations. Embrace makes a great addition to any fan’s collection, and it includes rare documentary footage from a concert by David Bowie that the band was expected to perform, as well as additional production design, bonus features, interviews, and rare artwork. There’s even a behind-the-scenes DVD extra that provides some interesting background on the making of Embrace.