Cool Home Office Storage Ideas

Lack of space is a common problem everywhere and home offices are no exception. Having too much clutter and a crammed-up area will take a toll on your working environment, affect your mood, and hamper your productivity. That’s why you need to get clever, spot-on storage solutions to maximize the space and keep everything neat and tidy. Luckily, there are many cool home office storage ideas you can choose from. Whether your setup is in a big room or a small nook or corner, read on below and discover how to get functional storage and the coolest home office setup.

1. Choose a desk with lots of storage.

Choosing the best desk for your home office is one of the biggest decisions you will make. It’s where you’d be working for hours in a day, making it the most essential equipment in your working space. While on the hunt, look for one that has ample drawer space and other built-in storage units. You can even get a desk with a smart layout, designed to be compact and space-saving, providing you with an area to house other cool storage solutions.

2. Opt for floating shelves.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are one of the simplest and easiest options for getting more home office storage. Rather than eating up space on your desk, it utilizes the space on your walls and adds a place where you can store all the clutter keeping your desk clean and having more room for more important items. What’s cool is that these hanging miracles can also serve as a beautiful decorative piece, given that they can be styled in numerous ways. You can display small succulents, ornaments, photo frames, and other accessories for a better-looking home office.

3. Have a paper filing system.

Though we’re already in the digital age, paper records, contracts, receipts, and other documents are still inevitable, especially in your home office. An excellent way to store them is by using a paper filing system. You can use file organizers, expandable folders, portable file boxes, and a filing cabinet to keep and organize these important files while enjoying a tidy space. Note that your paper filing system never has to be boxy and boring. Choose from the many stylish, colorful options available in the market that would suit your space.

4. Install cabinets.


Cabinets aren’t only meant for kitchens. They can do wonders in adding valuable storage space to your home office, especially if you have more space to work on and extra money to spend. Installing cabinetry, whether a wall, base, or tall cabinet, will take your home office storage to a new level and fulfill your different storage needs.

5. Give storage on wheels a shot.

Are you short on space in your home office? Consider giving storage on wheels a shot. From movable desks to rolling filing cabinets, utility carts, and storage drawers, all these portable options allow moving your supplies to another area in the house where there is more available space. They’re fantastic storage hacks that allow you to move work and supplies to your little home office only when necessary, freeing up more space when not.

6. Mount a pegboard.


Commonly found in retail settings, pegboards are wonderfully versatile items to add to your home office’s wall space. Mount one above your desk and it saves room from your drawers and cabinets while having a grabbable distance to items that are important to you.

Use it as a place to post memos, calendars, and daily reminders. You can even add hooks to hang certain office supplies or install shelves and bins for more home office storage. Afterward, break things up with a few home decor or art pieces to make it a stylish and fun extra storage space.

7. Upcycle old furniture.

If you’re running a small home-based company or a startup, it’s best to allocate your resources to other more important expenses that can establish and help your business grow. Fortunately, having additional storage doesn’t always mean you need to shell out money. Look for old furniture like dressings, bookcases, wood crates, and console tables. With simple repainting, recovering, and a few cool design tweaks to match your home office style, you save yourself from forking out on new furniture but meet your storage needs.

8. Reuse household items.

Glass jar as a pen holder

Apart from old furniture, you can reuse lots of other items you already have at home! For instance, you can use glass canning and mason jars for storing pencils, pens, paper clips, business cards, and a plethora of other small items in your home office. Eyeglasses cases are perfect for storing earbuds, cords, chargers, and other small electrical supplies. On the other hand, ice cube trays work great on keeping thumbtacks, push pins, sharpeners, and binder clips. Just look around, use your imagination, and you’ll find many items around the house to use as cool storage solutions.

9. Get a cable box.

Among the common evils in a home office are tangled cables and wires, especially if left hanging in the wind. To avoid such an unsightly dilemma, get a cable box where you can wrap, stow, and keep these cables. It’s an easy solution to get space for your cables and cords, fix the sloppy look, and prevent them from killing the vibe on your home office desk.

10. Use locker storage.

Locker Storage

Are you sharing the home office with your partner? Do your kids use the room as a backup study nook? Or, have you adopted a home office-playroom combo so you can tend to your little ones while doing work? Regardless of which that entails one thing: the need for more storage space. To solve that, you can simply get locker storage. You’ll have your own container to lock your office supplies, while your kids also have their space to store toys and their study materials. 

11. Try hanging closet organizers.

Get creative by using extra hanging plastic shoes, closet, or canvas organizers and hanging them behind the door or a rolling rack. These cheap, versatile items will provide lots of space to store binder clips, pins, staples, and other office supplies without taking up space like how a mini cabinet would. Choose a clear organizer so that you can see the slots through and just simply grab the things you need!

12. Go for flexible home storage.

Flexible home storage

To maximize your home office space, lean towards flexible home storage, which you can adjust as your needs change from time to time. You can reposition them, switch their places, or fill empty voids without having to meet any storage requirements without having to damage old storage solutions, and purchase new furniture.

13. Go the bespoke way.

If you have extra money to spend, consider getting bespoke furniture. Whether it’s your desk or your floor-to-ceiling shelving, you can have them custom-made to suit exactly what you need, where you need them, how you need them, and how you want them to look. No matter how big or small your space is, it can perfectly meet your storage requirements. Add your designer to have a combination of storage units like trunking, portholes, and boxes to maximize the space.

14. Embrace variety.

Use varied home office storage types

Don’t limit yourself to one home office storage type. Install cabinets to hide away your printer, modem, and other bulky items. Go for floating shelves for your books and magazine files. Add a letter tray on your desk for important documents. Feel free to embrace variety and use whichever type will work for you. 

15. Make your home office storage a feature.

Turn your home office storage into something beautiful. For instance, you can transform your shelving units into an accent wall or your pegboard into a gallery wall.  Add pinned pictures, treasured items, certificates, newspapers clipping about your company, and other trinkets to make your home office storage space aesthetically enticing while remaining functional. By making your home storage space look great, you’re most likely to use them properly, avoid having too much clutter, and just keep everything organized in your home office.


That’s the rundown of the coolest storage ideas you can use in your home office. You may follow these tips, as well as continue thinking outside the box, to make your working environment the best it can be. Enjoy!