Building an Effective Company Blog

Top Tips for Building an Effective Company Blog

Growing an online presence for your company begins with building an effective company blog and website. Think of your website as the foundation for your company online. The blog posts will be the mortar that not only holds up the walls of your internet company but also makes it possible to build and expand.


Stick to the traditional business model of keeping it simple. You can play up the graphics and the design of your website, but never let it overwhelm the content, products, or company. Use simple fonts and graphics options for computers or connections that are unable to handle the load will make your website more enticing for search engines and those using the search engines.


strong-landing-pageBuild a strong landing page. The landing page is that site that people will come to when they follow your direct URL. New visitors need to have a clear picture of who you are and what your company represents. It is also important that the landing page be easy to navigate so that visitors can find out about your products, services, and other pertinent information including your street address, pertinent email addresses, and company telephone numbers. Remember, your website represents your company so you will want it to represent the company well.


Stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of free templates available for building a website and blog, but those free templates may be utilized by a wide range of websites. Either personalize the template for your site or invest in a custom design to make sure that your site will be noticed among the crowded field.




Create content that catches the eyes of the search engines. Thousands of people will search for keywords and phrases that are associated with your industry and your business. Research these phrases and put them to work in the code of your website and the content of your blog.

It is also a good idea to use links within your blog posts that link to other pages or blog posts on the website. Use the keywords within the article as the anchor for the links. This will encourage readers to go to other pages on the site, as well as highlight the keywords, which is good for search engine optimization and ranking your website higher in search engine results.


Develop content that visitors want to read. Content can be keyword focused but informative or entertaining at the same time. Find the balance that works best for your niche. If you don’t have one or two people who are tasked with providing content for the blog, you may want to ask a number of people in the company to provide new content on a regular basis. Most SEO experts recommend that new content should be added at a minimum of once a month, but every two weeks, or even every week, would be better


Utilize an editorial calendar that will help guide your content. It will keep you producing helpful content on a consistent basis. This will cause search engines to reindex your website more often, which can increase your search engine ranking, and be something your visitors will want to return to often.

Reach to your audience.¬†Instead of focusing on publishing content alone, you should also turn your blog into an interactive online community where you encourage your audience to leave comments and feedback, share their own ideas and suggestions, interact with each other, and share your blog’s content to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Just make sure to include a “Share” button on each blog entry.

It is also good if you incorporate your audience’s suggestions and ideas into your blog content so that it will attract more users to check it out. If you specify that the suggestion or idea came from a comment, that person may share the information with friends, who may become customers or at least check out what your company does.

The Internet has opened up a world of opportunities for business. You can expand your market or just connect with your customer base by making the most of the different options available online. Websites can be the perfect foundation for social media sites and other internet growth potential. Learn a few tips for building an effective company blog and see your online presence take off.