Book Review: Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution

Too many science fiction movies and books conceptualize a world that has been taken over by robots, with humans living at the fringes of the world. Such dystopian images of a technologically advanced world are sure to horrify anyone if realistically portrayed. But how much of it is really likely to happen? Is there a chance that robots – a creation of man – can one day become so powerful that they gain control over the earth? And if yes, what can we do to avoid it?

If your mind has wandered to these questions but has been unable to come up with satisfactory answers, then the book Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution might just be what you need. Written by Noel Jerke and Grayson Jerke, this book serves as a simple and concise source for all the information you want on robots, artificial intelligence, and a world that has seen a technological revolution. More than just informing you about things, it also prepares you for living and thriving in a world that has seen this revolution.

An Overview of the Book

The book starts with a very practical question: why should you care? After explaining the importance of emerging technology for our daily lives, it moves on to a concise and brief history of robotics and AI that covers all the significant points in their development in an interesting way. Then we have a detailed account of robots and AI, their types, functions, and relevance. The book explains in-depth the practical, real-life uses of robots and AI that are beneficial for humanity, and it also talks about the detrimental effects of technology.

The latter half of the book deals with the size and state of the current robotics and AI industry, the likely state of the industry based on the projected advancement in technology, and the AI and robotic revolution’s effect on jobs. Finally, it tells the readers how they can prepare themselves for the coming time; it recommends developing specific skills that would still be in-demand in the future and make them indispensable for employers.

What Is So Special About the Book?

From news articles to podcasts to social media posts to other books, a lot of sources talk about AI, robots, and a future filled with intelligent robots. However, there are certain aspects of this book that make it preferable over other sources of information.

  • Accuracy

One of the main concerns with anything you find over the internet these days has to do with accuracy and reliability. We often do not know if the content we’re reading was written by a crazy conspiracy theorist or someone who knows what they are talking about. Not only has this book been authored by someone with industry knowledge, but it also draws upon an extensive body of academic researches and finding to make its arguments. It does not make any unjustified claim or give false information. Instead, it interprets data and makes informed predictions that are also realistic.

  • Simplicity

The authors have made an honest effort to make a complex topic easily understandable for those with little or no knowledge of the subject. The book aims to educate and does so in a straightforward but effective manner. It does not use difficult (or pretentious) words but still uses the right type of vocabulary. Technical terms are all explained thoroughly. Data and findings derived from research are given context, and everyday examples and pop culture references make the topics relevant for the readers.

  • Command over Subject

If you were hearing the words robot and AI for the first time, this book would still tell you all there is to know about robotics, AI, and the AI revolution. It covers everything we know about the subject from start to finish, and so it is incredibly useful for those who want to learn more about these topics.

How Does the Book Prepare You for the AI and Robotic Revolution?

This book helps one understand the role that technology, mainly AI and robots, is playing in our lives today. From robotic vacuum cleaners that help us keep our floors clean to virtual assistants in our phones to robots used in medicine, manufacture, and space exploration, robots and AI are already a large part of our lives. More significantly, however, a lot of research is being conducted into making robots even smarter and more efficient. This is likely to result in AI that is superior to human beings in some respects.

The book aims to create an understanding of the fact that the revolution is inevitable and that one must be prepared for it. With this realistic approach towards the subject, it highlights job positions that robots are likely to take over in the future (mainly repetitive and mundane jobs). The manufacturing, finance, and services industries are likely to automate many jobs in the future, which would leave many people out of the workforce.

Though new jobs will probably emerge in the future, relating to robots, their manufacturing, and management, there will be a short period when people suddenly find themselves out of a job. At such time, the valuable skills would be those that robots and AI cannot replace anytime soon, such as management, coordination, analytical thinking, problem-solving, adaptability, empathy, and originality or creativity.

Individuals looking to secure their future in a society permeated with robots will need to be dynamic, skillful, and resourceful. And this book points one in the right direction to just be that.

Should You Read the Book?

Are you interested in learning about robots, AI, and the impact they are likely to have on our world in the near future? Do you want to learn about the jobs that will be automated in the future and how you can decrease your chances of being replaced by a robot? If so, then Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution will be an informative read for you. Educators, parents, students, employers, and employees will all find this book useful in learning to thrive in a future world filled with robots.  You can also find more by checking out as well!