Book Review: Passive Income Ideas: 50 Ways to Make Money Online Analyzed

Passive Income Ideas: 50 Ways to Make Money Online Analyzed is written by Michael Ezeanaka  and it was published on July 25, 2018 it tackles about a concise, step-by-step analysis of 50 business models that you can control to earn passive income even the one that allows you to earn money watching TV. This book teaches different strategies that will help you in simplifying some of the business models and what you can do to scale your earnings. This book also tackles the strategies that you can implement to lower the level of competition you will face in each marketplace. Passive Income Ideas: 50 Ways to Make Money Online Analyzed also discusses the myths that tend to hold people back from the success of their business.

It has over 150 perceptive tips that will give you an edge and help you succeed in whatever business you choose to pursue. It answers more than 100 frequently ask questions and fifty positive thoughts for that mind in the forms of inspirational quotes which will keep you going during the tough times on your business.

If you will read this book you will understand how to make your business more passive and you will have the knowledge required to scale up your business. This book will also help you save a lot of money because it will guide you into investing in the right businesses. It will also help you understand how most of the different passive income businesses work. Passive Income Ideas: 50 Ways to Make Money Online Analyzed also gives you options that you can explore later on when you decide to diversify your passive income portfolio. And by reading this book will also help you make a quick decision about different business opportunities you can explore and pursue and what business you must avoid.

This book is recommended for people who are looking to retire early and for those who have no intention of looking for a job in the job market. It is also for stay at home parents who want to work from home and for people who wants to have an extra income. Aside from that, it is also great for people who don’t want rely on their pension when they retire, for people who want to build a sustainable income, and for people who want to create a side income business.

This book offers a lot of great ideas. This book discusses almost all of the well-known online businesses you can possibly think of. It is a great book for beginners because it is a step-by-step guide and it does not overwhelm the reader. And if you are looking to reduce your dependence on your salary, or want to quit your job and start a business, this is a great book to help you get started. I liked how the book is written especially the myth buster section and the inspirational quotes. Passive Income Ideas: 50 Ways to Make Money Online Analyzed is easy to read and understand. Although this is not an in-depth book, it’s just an overview. The book is presented in a way that you can be able to understand how to decide on your future business endeavors.

So if you want to want to be independent, self-sufficient, have money freedom, time freedom, and location freedom, I suggest that this is one of the best books you should read before starting up your own business.