Book Review: How to Make $100,000 per Year in Passive Income and Travel the World

How to Make $100,000 per Year in Passive Income and Travel the World is a book that was written by Chase Andrews and was published on March 7, 2017, by Cac Publishing LLC. It is about discovering fourteen different passive income strategies that people are using to take control of their time and make the most of their lives. This book teaches you how to achieve the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about while enjoying multiple streams of income. Everyone is dreaming about financial independence, whether they want to admit it or not. But for some, it may be a far-fetched dream to some but exiting the rat race is quite easy than it may first sound and reading How to Make $100,000 per Year in Passive Income and Travel the World is just the book to help you achieve the financial goal you’ve been dreaming about.

This book also teaches you what passive income really is and why you need it more than you think, how to make a fortune by selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle, how to analyze the stock market, how to create a membership site and monetize, and how to make money from authority sites.

We are pretty sure that there are a lot of books on the market that have been written about making money, passively or otherwise, but this book is different for several reasons. First, it features valuable illustrations that help make sense of the strategies. Second, It includes a wide range of activities that could help you make $100K through passive income. Finally, if one of the ideas does not suit you, just flip through another chapter and I can guarantee you that you can find a method that works best for you.

Another great feature of this book is the instructions that it tells you. Other books often tell you to do something to make money but don’t give you any instructions or flow chart that tells you how. You often waste your time searching for different ways to make money rather than spending your time doing the actual thing. But with this book Chase Andrews tells you exactly what to do in great detail.

Other ideas that Chase Andrews presented in this book are certainly more feasible than others. Like how to make a living from dividends that will work if you have enough money to start you off. But writing an EBook or a Kindle book takes almost no monetary investment at all and it is something most people can do even if you don’t have any writing skills at all. Just like what is stated in Andrews’ book, the key is just taking action. If you only think about making a change and wanting to improve your life, you won’t accomplish anything. A dream really requires action and this book will help move you into an actionable direction.

Here are the 14 topics focused on in the book:

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Amazon FBA
  • Real Estate
  • Options Trading
  • eBooks
  • Membership Sites
  • Blogging
  • Authority Sites
  • Digital Real Estate
  • Gold and Silver
  • Dividend Investing
  • Royalty Companies
  • And a few others as well

Good luck with your journey to learn more about how to make a solid passive income!