10 Most Beautiful Garden Offices You Will Ever See

Having an office at home gives you an advantage of setting it wherever you like. Whether it’s in your living room, basement, attic or garden, you can decorate it and set it up however you wish.

Garden offices have increasingly become popular among self-employed homeowners. Since a garden office is usually separate from the main house, it gives people an accessible space dedicated to office work, without having to deal with domestic distractions.

Plus, a home office gives your property increased value. And… really, who doesn’t like to work in an office that’s surrounded by trees, plants and some fresh air?

These are some of the most beautiful and inspiring home garden offices.

Beautiful Garden Offices

1. Look matters

Investing in your office’s appearance can do you much good if you’re meeting your clients on a daily basis. This modern looking office highlights its contemporary design with this unusual appearance. Source

2. Room in the backyard

beautiful garden office

It’s important that you have some personal space from the rest of the house for your workspace. If you don’t mind the size of your working area, this fantastic small office pod is just what you need. This is one of my favorite garden offices. Source

3. Garden Office pod

garden office

Having some extra space in your garden may prove just the right size for your office pod. Garden offices are small but functional, it’s comfortable and cozy for hard-working days. Source

4. Shed office

garden offices

Good thing about having a garden office is that you can build a shed of any size and appearance to blend in your garden. This gorgeous office shed is a delight for eyes. Source

5. Comfortable with windows

Comfortable with windows

Adding some large windows to your garden office will open up the space and let the sun shine in. It feels more comfortable and spacious. Source

6. Modern touch


If you’re working with clients, touch up your office with some details such as LED lights, small porch to the entrance with minimalistic but modern appearance. Source

7. Masked in greenery


If your garden is covered in trees, vines or evergreen shrubs, let it cover your office too. It will look fantastic and you will be able to enjoy beautiful nature every day so close to your office.  Source

8. Considerable space

Considerable space

If you have no limitation regarding the office size, afford yourself considerable space for your garden office. Abundant means more comfort and enjoyment of spending your time in such a nice looking working area. Source

9. Old shed with new looks


Considering to have a garden office doesn’t have to be complicated. If you don’t want to start from the scratch, use your old shed instead. Source

10. Contemporary all the way


Take your time with making your garden office a modern looking little house. Put some comfortable chairs on the porch and add some personal details to it to look amazing. Source

There are plenty of garden office designs you can choose from. Blend it in with your house’s appearance or make it a completely different part of your garden area. Make yourself a nice and cozy working place that is detached from your home but still remains a part of it.