11 Awesome Tiny Kitchens That Will Inspire You

While there’s always a challenge in designing tiny kitchens, you’ll always get a feeling of satisfaction in doing it. Making the most of your counter space will result in a tiny kitchen that offers a surprisingly wide range of functions and storage options. Not to mention that tiny kitchens are definitely cute to look at.

Do not let space constraints hinder you from designing a dream kitchen. Below are eleven dream tiny kitchens that will inspire you in creating one.

1. Painted Aqua Cabinets – This tiny kitchen boasts a brand new look due to the eye-catching newly painted aqua cabinets. The open shelving also enables ease of procuring and taking back plates, spices and other utensils.

Painted Aqua Cabinets

2. Beautiful Swedish Kitchen – Make your small kitchen more homey by placing some decorative plants, a number of books on the shelves, a small rug and a throw pillow. Beautiful Swedish Kitchen

3. White Kitchen – Butcher block wooden countertops complement this almost all-white kitchen, which takes advantage of the height of the ceiling to create additional storage.

White Kitchen

4. Teal Kitchen – A limited space doesn’t keep you from expanding your design ideas. This nifty teal-and-white tiny kitchen comes complete with shelving, a dining area and even a small bar.

5. Elegant Grey Kitchen – Touches of gold and green give some warmth in this sleek and sophisticated industrial-style tiny kitchen.

Elegant Grey Kitchen

6. Gold Kitchen Details – Touches of gold provide some shimmer and counter the several cool tones of gray.

Gold Kitchen Details

7. Elegant White Kitchen – This modern yet elegant tiny white kitchen might inspire you to update yours! The elements of wood break the cold feel of this all-white kitchen and provide it with a more organic feel.

Elegant White Kitchen

8. Fresh White Kitchen – White gives this tiny kitchen an illusion of a bigger space, especially when bathed by the natural light outside.

Fresh White Kitchen

9. Chic Paris Kitchen – The use of mosaic tiles and the small two-seater bar marks the boundary between this tiny open kitchen and another space in the room.

Chic Paris Kitchen

10. Studio Apartment Kitchen – This totally adorable 25-square-meter studio apartment kitchen is a prime example of ingeniously-planned tiny kitchen decorating and design ideas. The upper part of the wall is chock-full of colorful decal art that certainly breaks the monotony of this kitchen’s otherwise all-white scheme.

kitchen for studio apartment

11. U-shaped Kitchen – A U-shaped kitchen is one of the common kitchen designs that utilizes every bit of space possible. This design is especially good for tiny kitchens like this one. It boasts a lot of storage while leaving some ample room for movement.

small u-shaped kitchen