A Quick Guide to Online Ads and Call Tracking

Want to improve your brand’s visibility and reach a much wider audience? Try pairing online advertising with call tracking and gain insights into your target audience’s preferences and how you can serve them better.

Call Tracking with Online Ads

In this day and age, if your business is not supported by digital marketing efforts, then it is likely to fall behind. Call tracking is an effective way to use such marketing to better understand your audience and customers and capitalize on that information. Depending on the markets and demographics you want to target, you can have different local, international, or 1800 numbers and then track incoming calls.

For instance, say your business is local to New York but you want to target metropolitan cities in other parts of the world. So, you get local numbers for Dubai, Mumbai, and so on. Or, you get toll free numbers for those countries. Then, when you advertise those numbers in those areas, you can see how many people are interacting with your brand.

You can easily get virtual local, international, and toll free numbers from any cloud-based phone service provider. Most providers will be able to offer you a variety of numbers for different countries. For example, GlobalCallForwarding offers local and toll free numbers for more than 160 countries spread across the globe. You can then track incoming calls in your service provider’s control panel.

Why You Should Invest in Online Ads for Your Business

Online advertising portals such as Google Adwords or social media ads running on Facebook, Instagram, etc., can increase brand awareness and visibility. The internet is the place where most individuals interact with new brands and services that they need or are interested in. Therefore, if you are not advertising in these areas, you are missing out on a huge proportion of the population.

More importantly, call tracking paired with online ads gives you an idea of where you are getting most of your callers. And you can increase or tweak marketing efforts accordingly. If your Facebook ads’ contact number is drawing more attention than your Instagram ads, then you can increase promotions on Instagram to pull more traffic. Additionally, if you are location-targeting and you find that more calls are coming in from your Mumbai ads but not enough from Dubai, then you can increase efforts in that area.

How Online Ads Work: Google and Facebook

Here, we’ll briefly look at how online ads work, specifically for Google Ads and social media platforms.

Google Adwords

You can use your Google account to gain access to Google Adwords or Ads and start creating campaigns. Note that you can create two types of ads: ones that display your contact information and others that let you add a click-to-call button.

Google Adwords lets you design ads with a headline, information about the company, and the company’s URL and contact number. Then, you select specific keywords related to your business. You will have to bid on your keyword to ensure it ranks high in the search results. This way, when customers search for these keywords, your ad will be displayed in the search results as “sponsored ads.”

By making your Google ad a Call ad, you can include a call button in your ad. This gives mobile users the option to call your business instantly from the search results. Doing so reduces the number of steps a user will need to take to get in touch with your business making it easier for them to connect with you.

Furthermore, you can also turn call reporting and location targeting on. With these settings, ads with specific business locations will direct calls to numbers associated with those locations. Here you can identify which location-focused ads are performing better and which need more work.

Social Media Ads

Similar to Google Ads, you can promote your business on Facebook and Instagram by creating and boosting ads. Here, too, you can include a call-to-action button such as call, email, message, and so on. Facebook’s call button lets users dial your business instantly while your Instagram page and posts can advertise a different virtual number. Then, based on what numbers are being called, you can identify which social media marketing efforts are successful.  So even if your target users are choosing options like หวยออนไลน์, you can still get their attention.

Market Better with Call Tracking

Call tracking works well with online and social media ads because you can clearly see marketing ROI and get insights into how to better other promotional campaigns. You can even identify customer preferences and behaviors such as where do they shop for services like yours? What communication channels do they prefer more? And so on. Digital advancements have made it possible to use call tracking and online marketing to grow business exponentially. Take your business forward by investing in the digital world and reap the many benefits awaiting you.