9 Strange Looking But Awesome Toilets

A few days ago, I accidentally stumbled upon some cool cello toilet seat and was immediately amused and charmed at the same time. I immediately thought how it would be cool to collect some strange, funny looking but amazing toilets from around the world. So, here is the list of my favorites. Hope you will like them.

9 Strange Looking But Awesome Toilets

1. Christmas Toilet

christmas toilet

Christmas is long gone now, but keep this ready for the next year. Great way to get into Christmas spirit, don’t you agree? 🙂

2. Swarovski Toilet

swarovski Toilet

This one goes to all the true princes and princesses out there. You all deserve a Swarovski toilet. Well, unfortunately, most of us can’t afford it. It’s encrusted with 72,000 Swarovski crystals – and it costs £84,000 ($128,390). Wow! The most expensive toilet in the world. Taking a dump has never been this luxurious.

3. Mosaic Toilet

mosaic toilet

This one is actually not weird at all, but in fact this looks really nice and elegant. I would really love to have this one on my bathroom!

4. Mexican Toilet

mexican toilet

I think this toilet doesn’t also look weird too — look at all the bright colors and fun patterns! It can certainly grab your attention and you may feel actually happy just to sit on it.

5. Superman Toilet

Superman Toilet

For every superhero (or superhero fan) out there, you’ll surely want to grab this Superman toilet seat!

6. Glowing Toilet

Glowing Toilet

You can’t miss the toilet in the dark anymore. Here comes the glowing toilet!

7. Guitar Toilet

Guitar Toilet

Are you a musician? Here is the perfect toilet seat for you. These handcrafted guitar toilet seats are the perfect gift for every guitar player. You can also find the keyboard ones. Looks cool!

8. Aquarium Toilet

I want this one in my bathroom. Amazing aquarium toilet, looks great and really cool. I wonder how it works when you flush the water. I hope the fish won’t be getting flushed!

9. Toilet Seat With Spikes

Spikes Toilet

Come on, come on, sit down if you dare! This one will freak out your house guests. Very cool!

Which one is your favorite toilet? If I have to pick, I would go with aquarium toilet. It’s so cool and absolute must-have!