7 Key Steps to Grow Your Business Globally

Most businesses will need to enter global markets at some point as they offer more opportunities for expansion and growth. So, how can you take your business to the next level and gain an international audience? Here are 7 key steps to help you grow your business globally and make more sales.

1. Invest in a Virtual Phone System

A virtual phone system or VoIP system is essential for companies looking to reach markets overseas. VoIP providers like unitedworldtelecom.com can set you up with virtual phone numbers and other communication tools such as call forwarding, interactive voice response (IVR), and more. As easy as it may sound, VoIP takes a lot of careful work that a New Jersey IT consulting offers services from installation to daily maintenance, to scheduled updates making it an easier route for most businesses to take, to integrate VoIP technology into their system. What they can also do is provide you with inexpensive ways to communicate with prospects, clients, and business contacts in other states, regions, and countries.

What they can also do is provide you with inexpensive ways to communicate with prospects, clients, and business contacts in other states, regions, and countries. Calls made to virtual numbers route over the internet. And so, you can make and answer calls from any device and from anywhere in the world, without the worry of exorbitant international calling charges.

2. Develop a Business Plan and Budget

Create a plan focused on how you will expand. Which new markets do you want to consider and why? How many markets do you wish to start with? What demographics do you want to target? And so on. Then, create a budget to match your goals and finances. To grow your business globally, you must complete this step.

3. Test New Markets

Virtual phone numbers can help with testing out new markets in order to decide which ones are worth your time and money. You can start with neighboring areas and watch how prospects interact with your product or service. Additionally, you can also conduct market research by calling potential clients from these areas and learning of their preferences related to your product or service. Gain insights into what aspects of your business make international selling easy and what aspects need more work.

4. Optimize Your Website for All Target Markets

When using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, keep in mind that the content and information available is relevant to all markets you wish to target. Additionally, your product, too, must be one that is relatable and desirable across these markets.

5. Use Outbound Calling

What is the best way to establish connections with prospective customers in these different markets? Outbound dialing. This cloud-based phone service can help you use your local and international virtual numbers to connect with individuals across the globe. Whether it is for market research or sales calls, you can override your caller ID to display one of the city, state, or country you are calling. This makes it more possible that individuals will answer a call as it establishes your company as a local one instead of an international one. Furthermore, when they call you back, they will not be subject to high international calling rates either because they are calling local or toll free numbers.

6. Ensure Product Readiness

Another important key to keep in mind to grow your business across the world is to ensure your product is ready to be sold in respective regions. Conduct a patent and trademark review. Consider local and governmental regulations. Test quality assurance based on local standards. Decide who will sell your product and how. All of this is important to prepare your product for global flight.

7. Create Strong Relations with Local Businesses

Fight competition by joining forces with and creating a supporting ecosystem of local businesses. You can build alliances, negotiate partner and affiliate programs, and more.

Global Flight: Grow Your Business

It is not difficult to grow your business internationally and enter global markets. It can, however, be overwhelming. Start small, plan and research, and take important steps to ensure product and brand safety. And before you know it, watch your business take flight.