5 Ways Custom Lanyards Can Benefit Your Business

Your business’ safety should be your top priority, but that doesn’t mean that enhancing your security standards has to blow the budget. Lanyards are a fantastic means of ensuring that your environment is as safe and secure as it possibly can be, but that’s not the only benefit that they are going to provide you with! Customised security card accessories can really transform your business for the better, here are just five of the ways that this small addition can make a huge impact…

Team Mindset

Tying the team together isn’t the easiest thing to do, particularly if your business is a large operation that takes place in multiple locations or even just on more than one floor. Custom lanyards are a great way of encouraging a united mindset, tying together teams from every area of your business and reminding individuals that they are all working towards the same positive goal. A team mentality is becoming increasingly important and should be encouraged wherever possible. Having identities on display also eases the air of personality between staff members who might not be all that familiar with who everyone is and what it is that they do.

ID Durability

Your customised lanyards are incredibly useful as far as protection and durability goes. Identity cards, whether you have invested in an in house printer or you choose to order them from a solutions provider, aren’t exactly menial in the cost department. Your custom lanyards, when complimented by a clear plastic ID card holder, helps to protect staff IDs and prevent any wear and tear that results from cards being stashed in wallets, pockets or, the worst offender of all, at the bottom of bags. Staying on display and perfectly protected helps to maintain sleek, put together looking cards whilst also ensuring that damaged or lost IDs are minimised.


Levels of professionalism have quickly declined in recent years. Workplaces are becoming increasingly casual with laid back dress codes, flexible working hours and out of office meetings. Lanyards that have been customised with your company colours, logo or name will bring a great surge of uniformity and professional style to your team. No matter what your company dress code is, you can guarantee that your staff will look polished and professional every day of the working week.

Networking and Connections

Making a positive first impression is essential for forging meaningful connections and expanding your professional network. Your custom lanyards will help you and your staff to put your best foot forward at networking events, training days, meetings or just when you are out and about. You can even stash a few custom lanyards with you as a gift as a makeshift business card, anything to make you and your company all the more memorable! The benefits of tying the team together and looking professional will also contribute to putting your business in the best light possible.

Local Exposure

Lastly, custom lanyards help you to gain a little free community level exposure whilst enhancing the overall brand impact within your company. Your staff will wear their lanyards on commutes, out at lunch or for coffee meetings, granting your company some fantastic (and free) local exposure that could be incredibly valuable in the long run.

There you have it! Five compelling reasons to implement customised lanyards into your security system today. Get started by finding a reputable provider who can deliver security accessories, solutions and best in class printers.