10 Coolest Beds For Tiny Spaces

Living in tiny spaces sure has challenges, but it can also be rewarding especially if you know how to make the most out of it. It can even be fun!

How about you? Do you live in a small apartment, for instance? You are looking for best ways to create more space in your apartment, but have no idea what to do? When square footage is tight, you have to use your imagination to create functional living space without any clutter. When it comes to that, the biggest challenge is where to place large furniture pieces that we cannot live without. Take the bed as an example.

From simple loft beds to amazing beds that are suspended from the ceiling, there are bunch of smart solutions that can help in maximizing your bedroom space.

To get you inspired, here are 10 awesome ideas where to put a bed in a small room!

1. Ceiling Bed

Ceiling bed

This amazing apartment has a space-saving design with a bed suspended from the ceiling. The best thing? It features a home office underneath! This bright and adventurous idea is not for the faint-hearted!

2. Interesting Bunk Beds

If your little ones are sharing a room, bunk beds seem to be the perfect space-saving solution. Even in a smallest room, you can put at least two bunk beds. Not to mention that these floating beds look fun for the kids!

3. Couch Bed

Couch bed

Got a couple of guests to stay for the night? No problem! This cool couch doesn’t only transform into a regular bed – but into a bunk bed. This idea is a great way to save space in a tiny studio or one bedroom apartment.

4. Hidden Bed

Hidden Bed

This is a great concept for any small space, especially if you like to keep your home tidy and clutter-free (and who doesn’t?)

5. Bed Above The Couch

Bed Above The Couch

When your apartment suffers space constraints, you really have to creative. Got no more bedroom space for your housemate or guest? Install a bed above the couch. Just look at the picture of this stylish and cozy apartment above — it’s like having a living room and a bedroom in one!

6. The Red Nest

The Red NEst

Space maximization is a growing trend in apartment industry, so designers all around the world are coming up with furniture that is both functional and great looking. This one combines a bed, a desk, a shelf and a wardrobe into one sleek piece of furniture which was created by French designer Paul Coudamy.

7. Loft Bed For Adults

Loft Bed For Adults

Such a cool example of a loft bed for adults. It’s space-saving and very stylish. Everything in it is amazing, but what we like the most is the extra number of storage spaces in the staircases.

8. Hallway Bed

Hallway bed

Making the most out of your apartment’s hallway space with a bed above the door is always a cool and ingenious idea!

9. Bed Nook with Storage

Bed Nook

If you need more storage – this is such a great idea. Just imagine how many books (or something else) you can keep here!

10. Wall Bed

wall bed

Such a cute and genius idea – if you’ve got a guest for the night, just swing this piece of furniture into a bed! When you don’t use it, it can be a nice side table to put your keys on.