11 Coolest Couches You Have Ever Seen

Nowadays, a sofa or a couch isn’t simply something to sit on any longer. These days, almost everything has got to be visual and Instagram-worthy, so these pieces of furniture had to up their aesthetics game.

We have found some of the coolest and most awesome couches we’ve seen in a while. Come and take a look!

1. Qwerty Sofa By Zo Loft

Source: Design-milk

A sofa that every tech startup and tech geek should get. With elegant black color and white letters it will fit any cool office.


2. Pink Cadillac SofaPink-Couches-Cool

The Cadillac sofa is ideal for every retro enthusiast, or for those who simply like pink colors. This sofa will fit perfectly inside gamerooms, retro diners or salons.

The colors will certainly make you tickled pink (pardon the pun). The tail lights are not just for aesthetic purposes, because they also do light up when you turn them on!

3. Comfortable black & red sofaExcellent-red-leather-futon-sofa-bed

Source: Portaltrends

Ultra-modern sofa that will fit any contemporary home. If you ask me, this sofa should be requirement for any therapist office. You need to get comfortable first.


4. Space Invader SofaSpace-Invader-Couch

Source: Fluxmag

If you want to be different, this may be the way to go. Space invader sofa is mix of nostalgia warped in a modern design. Simple and truly awesome.


5. This Would Be Perfect Home Theater Sofanew-ideas-unique-sofas-and-unique-white-red-leather-sofa-in-living-room-6

Source: dndon

Who said that every sofa needs to be for your office? Imagine this sofa, remote control, home theater and a movie you love — perfect!


6. Just For Two Of You.

Source: cnet

Sometimes smaller is better. And that is just the case here. Super elegant and romantic sofa for two (or just for you).


7. Huge Couch Just For You.enhanced-buzz-19115-1373434177-4

Source: buzzfeed

Ever wondered how to be comfortable and stay classy in your living room? If your answer is yes, then this huge couch is a perfect solution for you. It can also double as a bed!


8. If you are looking for unique and quirky sofa – this is perfect fit for you!54bf62664f3c8_-_etsy

This coffin couch may not be to everyone’s taste, and that’s understandable. Fans of anything strange or morbid are going to love this spooky-looking piece of furniture.

If you’re dead tired, you would like to rest on this couch. If you don’t want to be disturbed while you’re resting (in peace?), just close the lid.

Source: elledecor

Alternative style.

9. 54bf62672f6a6_-_gizmodiva

Source: Elle decor

If you love animals and animal decor, you will definitely love this fun hippo sofa!


10. Funny Corner Sofa.lila

Source: core77

Low on space? If you want something different and unusual beyond the simple corner sofa, maybe this is something that you will like.


11. Tetris Sofa.creative-sofa-tetris

Source: (Designer: Stefano Grasselli)

If you’ve ever played Tetris a lot of times, you should already know what to do with this sofa. I mean Tetris and sofa. What else is there to say? Just awesome!