10 Storage Tips That Will Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Big

Even in the biggest house, we are always looking for that extra space. It always feels like we don’t have enough. But, when you have a small bedroom that it’s not just a feeling. You really don’t have enough space.

Luckily, there are some creative people who turn their small bedrooms into a real oasis. Check out their ideas and see if you can use them for your own small bedroom! Their creations are just pure genius.

10 Storage Tips That Will Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Big

1.  Wood Wall-mounted Drop-leaf Table


wall-mounted table for small bedrooms

The best things about this one is that it has no sharp corners to bump into!

2. Stacked Shelves

Stacked Shelves for small bedrooms

We love the idea of a lofted bed with storage underneath!

3. Floating Table

Floating table

Something cool to replace regular nightstand. It can only hold a few things, but it looks really awesome. Plus, you don’t have to lift anything while you’re vacuuming the floor.

4. Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelf for small bedrooms Source: Design Sponge

Ladder shelves take up little space and you can use them to hold shoes or bags. Neat, isn’t it?

5. Built-in storage around the bed

Built in shelves around the bed

This is another clever way to utilize a bedroom space. Built-in shelves around the bed are a great way to maximize your storage and display in a small bedroom. And the more storage space, the less clutter on the floor. Source: Perfectly Imperfect

6. Container Bed

Best bed for small space

You can take advantage of the height of your bedroom — just take a cue from Italian furniture manufacturer Dielle. The company has created what they call a ‘Container Bed’, which is a normal bed that has been raised to include storage underneath.

7. Disguise your desk as a bedside table.

bedside desk

Not really the greatest idea for people working from home, but when you don’t have much space, you have to work with what you have.

8. Turn old drawers into stackable shelves.

Old Drawers to Stackable Shelves

It would be great to have built-in shelves, but hey, these look awesome too!

9. Hang some hangers in the corner.

Hangers for small bedrooms

You can smartly use your room corners by putting hangers there.

10. Clothing rack

clothing rack instead of a closet

Good idea for those who don’t have a closet. Use clothing rack for your clothes.

Feel free to share your idea in the comments.