10 Awesome Pieces Of Furniture To Buy When You Get Rich

When you are rich, you could pretty much buy everything you fancy. In case of furniture, you don’t want just a piece that just “looks good enough.” It has to have a “wow” factor that will certainly delight your guests.

Here are some amazing and awesome pieces of furniture that you could get (in your millionaire dreams, for now!).

1. The Deluxe Backgammon Table

Deluxe Backgammon Table

Every person who nearly has everything will surely love to covet this unique piece of art, which was conceived about a couple of years ago by its manufacturer, The Orange Lime. The first of its kind, this lavish and gorgeous piece of furniture features a champagne bucket holder which is made from Waterford Crystal and platinum. It also incorporates interchangeable flute holders, and mounted by stainless steel legs.

Use the Deluxe Backgammon Table at home, or on your private jet or yacht — this beauty is also totally waterproof!

This meticulously-designed furniture was numbered and handcrafted on Cote d’Azur.

Price: $12,171.78

2. Vintage Industrial Dining Table / Desk

 Vintage Industrial Dining Table / Desk

This table weighs around 500 lbs (205-250 kg) and is very sturdy, built to be heirloom furniture.

Price: $18,995.00+

3. Hand Forged Tree Table

Hand Forged Tree Table

This is all hand forged and labor intensive. Bring your love for trees into your home with this really dramatic and enchanting piece.

Price: $18,000.00

4. Human Bone Chandelier Black

Human Bone Chandelier Black

The strange-looking but awesome black chandelier consists of 450 hand cast and machined pieces of hand-cast black polymer. The individual components are: humerus, femurs, skulls, spinal column, and pelvis. The drops are also adjustable. Does anyone even want this?

Price: $15,500.00

5. Red Moon Rising Couch

But this couch is lovely as it is also comfortable — it can seat two persons, with contours to fit the body. It consists of a patinated steel base, a fiberglass interior, and distressed red leather upholstery.

Lounging on this couch makes you feel as if you’re flying on Little Red Riding Hood’s flowing cloak, which designers took inspiration from.

Price: $14,000.00

6. Claw foot bathtub

Claw foot bathtub

The shop owners salvaged 100 year old cast iron claw foot tubs and had them resurfaced on the inside, and hand tiled them in different materials on the outside.

Price: $12,650.00

7. Fused Glass Covered 1923 Gulbransen Piano Bar

Fused Glass Covered 1923 Gulbransen Piano Bar

It used to be a piano, but now it functions as a bar. It is draped in nearly 2,000 fused glass tiles hand made by award-winning artist Gina Michel. Most of the colorful tiles depict legendary pianists such as Ray Charles, Elton John, Liberace and Mozart, among many others.

Price: $33,000.00

8. Origami Chair

Origami Chair

The Origami chair was an experiment in pushing the bending limits of wood. Initially conceptualized by folding paper into different chair forms, the compound bends create superb strength while maintaining a lightweight, striking form.

Price: $12,000.00

9. Empire Majestic Lion Figural Chair

Empire Majestic Lion Figural Chair

This is a Magnificent Empire style Chair has amazing golden Lion Figural head on each arm with paw feet.

Price: $12,000.00

10. Steampunk Time Machine Desk

Steampunk Time Machine Desk

Part art, part functionality…this H.G. Wells inspired artwork is an assemblage of mixed media, found objects, wood, pipes, etc…serves as a desk. Winner of Best In Show at Fallbrook’s 4th Annual Artist’s Guild Exhibition for 2015.

Price: $11,999.00